Disappointing Result

As I have shared in the article a half year ago, I was surprised to find out my portfolio has gained RM15,000 so fast. It was a happy moment because I was able to take back what was lost in the previous year even with an addition of RM 5,000. In that writing I said … Continue reading Disappointing Result

Preparing for a Better Future

As the trade war between the US and China is cooling off, global stock markets have been all rushing to the top without taking a breath. This has made those who missed the opportunity to jump in during the big pull back caused by Trump’s accidental tweeting greatly disappointed.   However, I have to assure … Continue reading Preparing for a Better Future

October Market Watch: Significant Market Move Weeks Ahead

A few days ago, US markets had two days major slide leading global market retrieve overnight. The cause of the slide was bad corporate reports started the quarterly reporting season in the fear of the backfire from the trade war effect. However, a few more good US economic reports like high employment rate has calmed … Continue reading October Market Watch: Significant Market Move Weeks Ahead

Decisive Market Future Next Week

Interestingly, at the backdrop of all negative global economic prognosis, most US market indexes have arrived at or near historical heights at the market close on Friday (Chart A). There is an important observation for the market trend next week. There can be two scenarios; the US market may break above historical height or drop … Continue reading Decisive Market Future Next Week

How to Make Use Unit Trust Investment to Compound our Wealth: Equity Funds, Our Best Weapons (II)

I have briefly shared about how we can make use of equity funds in unit trust previously in Equity Funds~Our Best Weapon ( I ) . I shall share more on fund selection on this article. I mentioned about selecting local funds in Malaysia, while also recommended a fund for you to consider involving yourself … Continue reading How to Make Use Unit Trust Investment to Compound our Wealth: Equity Funds, Our Best Weapons (II)

Market Observation for June 2019

Global stock market for the month of May reflected the curse of “sell in May, go away” seasonal expectation. The entire month of May has seen global stock market slipping all the way down. Partly to blame is the rekindle trade war between US and China.  Hong Kong market has its  worst performing month since … Continue reading Market Observation for June 2019

The Joy of Cutting Your Losses

Is there any joy of cutting your losses? You may be surprised, the answer could be both yes and no! No one will be happy when you accept a losing investment position as final decision. Most investors refuse to turn a paper loss into a realized lost in reality. They will hold on steadfastly with … Continue reading The Joy of Cutting Your Losses