Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?

With the halt of negotiation talk from the Chinese representatives expressed on Friday, trade war fear escalation was again thrown into focus. China markets represented by Shanghai Composite index dropped immediately down 2.45% after such news on Friday, May 17th.  All major US equity markets were not spared from such new development; all were down … Continue reading Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?


Here’re the Reasons why global economy is not going to slow down in 2019

While most authentic economic experts have been predicting global economy is going to slow down in 2019, however there are peculiar signs showing up last week that this prediction might not be coming true.  It has also further verified my view recently released in April Market Watch where global market might be turning into a … Continue reading Here’re the Reasons why global economy is not going to slow down in 2019

Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

With the big drop on the Gold price last Thursday, April 4th, an obvious Symmetrical Triangle pattern has been significantly crafted out (see Chart A).  This pattern formation is telling investors mountain of information about market direction that is seemingly heading. Symmetrical Triangle pattern of a security indicates that the underlying is about to break … Continue reading Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

Snares of Market Predictions

US market has just posted the best weeks for the month since  March 2016 particularly true for S&P 500 index. It has crashed those who have left market earlier but rewarded those who bet from bottom fishing. However, no one can be certain whether this surge set up a bull trapped or real bull run … Continue reading Snares of Market Predictions

December Market Analysis

The Big drop overnight yesterday in the US markets became headlines over major news carriers causing some attention or fear from investors worldwide. However, a closer look at the chart would tell that the drop was not a severe phenomenon but rather it was merely a “buyer protest” of their disappointment over the mixed or … Continue reading December Market Analysis

What does a CeaseFire of the Trade War Means?

The most awaited moment of global traders for the meeting at Buenos Aires, not for the G 20 Summit, but the two heads of largest economy in the world. The outcome has finally been determined on Saturday night (Asian hours). Most major news carriers called it a “ceasefire” between the two globally influential nations. Global … Continue reading What does a CeaseFire of the Trade War Means?

Trade Wars are Good?

Once he entered into his second year of becoming the US President, Donald Trump initiated trade disputes with numerous global trading partners inviting opposing critique describing him as initiating a “trade war.” He then responded saying that “Trade wars are good, they are easy to win!”  As we have truly entered into a new era … Continue reading Trade Wars are Good?