Precious Window of Opportunity Right Here

It is right within our expectation that Fed yielded to public and political pressure to cut-rate as announced on August 1st, Thursday morning (Asian time). However, the market reacted with weird responses. Both the equity market and gold prices dropped dead, while USD rose unexpectedly. The only explanation would be that market was disappointed with … Continue reading Precious Window of Opportunity Right Here

Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

With the big drop on the Gold price last Thursday, April 4th, an obvious Symmetrical Triangle pattern has been significantly crafted out (see Chart A).  This pattern formation is telling investors mountain of information about market direction that is seemingly heading. Symmetrical Triangle pattern of a security indicates that the underlying is about to break … Continue reading Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

Critical Week Ahead

Earning reports kicked started the week with much anticipation. Those businesses reported so far were very encouraging, beating Wall Street’s expectation, but the markets did not buy into their positive earnings report and ended with flat market on last Friday market close for the week. There were quite a number of theories explaining this market … Continue reading Critical Week Ahead

Investment Outlook for 2018 

2017 has been a tremendous year for investment especially at the first half of the year. Volatility has increased when we entered the second half of the year. Major market tremors were caused by geographical political tension created by North Korea nuclear weapon threats, China and India border conflicts, and a few major European countries’ … Continue reading Investment Outlook for 2018