Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method

About 4 weeks ago, I shared in the article entitled “Should We Invest into Bond?” about the beauty of investment through unit trust using the DIY online method which I have been promoting here. In the time of market uncertainty, the bond fund will be our investment darling. It gives us a steady flow of … Continue reading Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method

Importance of Keeping Invested

In this high volatile market, many investors would have been thrown out by market waves. Market has a insidious sting to fool investors most of the time. In this transitional period between bull and bear market struggle, it is very difficult to decide to keep your finger there or take your hand totally out of … Continue reading Importance of Keeping Invested

Gong Xi Fat Cai

  As we started the New Year 2018, something surprising in the market has emerged. As we start the second month of the new year, on February, another market surprise has also emerged. Investors were greeted with a major long overdue 10% correction from the US markets. These few days, all Asians who have the … Continue reading Gong Xi Fat Cai