Disappointing Result

As I have shared in the article a half year ago, I was surprised to find out my portfolio has gained RM15,000 so fast. It was a happy moment because I was able to take back what was lost in the previous year even with an addition of RM 5,000. In that writing I said … Continue reading Disappointing Result

Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

When I have just started learning to invest, there were advises I learned over my reading. One of the advises said news and analytical reports sometimes are not accurate. They can serve as a distraction for your investment. No one really can predict market direction and its future with accuracy. It is better to hide … Continue reading Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

Is Investment Suitable for You?

If you were being asked with the question, why do you involve with investment? I believe you will not have any doubt to reply; “to earn money!” Earning money is the goal of all walk of trade. There are many ways to earn money in our society. But not all money-making business is suitable for … Continue reading Is Investment Suitable for You?

You Could Have Seen 57% Profit in Your Investment

With such a poor investment global equity market environment, if you do not experience loses in your investment, you may consider yourself success by now in 2019, let alone dream of any profit. This is most probably true if you invest only in the stock market alone. Global stock markets are either moving sideways or … Continue reading You Could Have Seen 57% Profit in Your Investment

How to Distinguish Negative Economic News

A few days ago, I came across an article entitled “It is Confirmed that there is no recession here.” But when I looked at the comment section, one reader responded re-actively saying: “There will be market crash tomorrow, you better get out of the market immediately today.” Which one would you think have more weigh to … Continue reading How to Distinguish Negative Economic News

Surprisingly Profit Exceeding RM 15,000 for the First Time in 2019

I haven’t updated my unit trust investment portfolio for quite some time for various reasons.  Last week, when Gold price spiked sky high, I thought it would be good to take a look how my investment portfolio has performed. Then on June 26th, after every NAV figure updated, I was surprised to see the profit … Continue reading Surprisingly Profit Exceeding RM 15,000 for the First Time in 2019

Has the Sparkle Gold Arrived now?

Most investors have been quite apprehensive about market involvement these while when the trade war is seemingly looming on the horizon. But the equity markets have nonetheless once again defied everyone by creating new height or near new height last Thursday. The most magnificent performer for the week is the spot gold. It has spiked … Continue reading Has the Sparkle Gold Arrived now?