Did We Make a Mistake?

Previous Week, we have noticed bond fund was dropping under the fear of Malaysia Government bond being kicked out of the FTSE Russell World Bond Index, which will eventually cause a massive exodus of capital fund from Malaysia. At that time, we were not sure why bond investors had such a fear and started running … Continue reading Did We Make a Mistake?

Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method

About 4 weeks ago, I shared in the article entitled “Should We Invest into Bond?” about the beauty of investment through unit trust using the DIY online method which I have been promoting here. In the time of market uncertainty, the bond fund will be our investment darling. It gives us a steady flow of … Continue reading Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method

Park Your Fund Strategically

Global economic news these several weeks seem to paint a bring hope that US and China going to settle their trade dispute in the month of March with deadline gracefully extended. Global markets especially US, Hong Kong and Asian markets have been factored in strongly and flying high in midair. However, there has never been … Continue reading Park Your Fund Strategically