Investing in a Topping Market

Every investor knows that our bull market is in the late stage. However this late stage can last for years, if not several months. Everyone now is concerned exactly when will the end time of current bull market come. Experienced investors will know that bear market would not come suddenly out of no way. There … Continue reading Investing in a Topping Market

A Day of Decision

This week has been another tough week. Investors have been rattled with intense feeling of the imminent coming of the big bear. The resignation of Gary Cohn, the top Financial Adviser for the Trump Administration has added bearish view to the global financially view. With Trump’s stunt attitude towards his resignation saying there are more … Continue reading A Day of Decision

Maximizing Return of Your Investment

Investment involves risk. Risk control is a major subject we need to learn when it comes to investment. Diversification is one of the methods being used to manage risk. However, diversification strategy can be abusive when it is not properly used. Diversification has a double edge feature. It minimizes downside risk, but it also limits … Continue reading Maximizing Return of Your Investment