Precious Window of Opportunity Right Here

It is right within our expectation that Fed yielded to public and political pressure to cut-rate as announced on August 1st, Thursday morning (Asian time). However, the market reacted with weird responses. Both the equity market and gold prices dropped dead, while USD rose unexpectedly. The only explanation would be that market was disappointed with … Continue reading Precious Window of Opportunity Right Here

Critical Market Watch Next Week: July 29th, 2019

The week long-awaited moment of excitement is finally going to unveil next week. So far for this week, corporate earnings reports provided nothing surprising. The latest update on corporate earnings reported for the second quarter 2019, out of the 218 companies listed in the S&P 500, 75.2% of them have topped estimate. It has further … Continue reading Critical Market Watch Next Week: July 29th, 2019

Critical Week Ahead

As I had mentioned in previous post that big US market drops on 4th December were not anything serious that investors should be alarming. However US markets dropped again last Friday, December 7th. And this round, it could be very critical.  There are a number of reasons investors should be cautious after this drop. First, … Continue reading Critical Week Ahead

The Joy of Cutting Your Losses

Is there any joy of cutting your losses? You may be surprised, the answer could be both yes and no! No one will be happy when you accept a losing investment position as final decision. Most investors refuse to turn a paper loss into a realized lost in reality. They will hold on steadfastly with … Continue reading The Joy of Cutting Your Losses

Fire Drill or False Alarm?

When we were still in our elementary school, we were often being fire drilled what should we do if the fire alarm being triggered. This fire drill is important even though real fire might not possibly happened and in fact, it really did not happen in my entire school days right up to university. There … Continue reading Fire Drill or False Alarm?