How to Handle Market Volatility?

Last week I accidental came across an investment coaching video entitled “How to Handle Market Volatility?” I thought this would be very helpful lesson when we are now in the midst of market extreme volatility. In fact I would say, it is a very good teaching. The gist of the lesson is during market volatile … Continue reading How to Handle Market Volatility?

Critical Market Observation

In response to Trump’s firing trade war with China, US equity markets reacted with another huge drop since February in last 2 trading sessions. It ended with the same level as the previous low which is technically defined as the 10% market correction.  (Chart A) However, looking at the major trend by plotting the tops … Continue reading Critical Market Observation

Gong Xi Fat Cai

  As we started the New Year 2018, something surprising in the market has emerged. As we start the second month of the new year, on February, another market surprise has also emerged. Investors were greeted with a major long overdue 10% correction from the US markets. These few days, all Asians who have the … Continue reading Gong Xi Fat Cai

Market Observation (18/8/2017) : Trumponomic is Fading

Even though recent economic data and reports were showing US economy is improving, however there were sign of weaknesses investors were showing in the S&P 500 Futures (/ES) chart.  Candles in recent trading days before the first fall due to US-Korea wars threat, were showing some signs of retreat that we should have taken noticed. … Continue reading Market Observation (18/8/2017) : Trumponomic is Fading