Steady Rising Star

Surprisingly Malaysia market opened on last Monday with minimum volatility. GE 14 election shock was quickly absorbed within an hour after market opened officially. Ever since after then, market remained stable throughout the week without much selling pressure.  This sign could be interpreted that Malaysia market has accepted the change of regime positively. Throughout the … Continue reading Steady Rising Star


Exceeding 10,000 Blog Views for the First Time Ever

Treasure Hunting Wizard blog has amazingly exceeded 10,000 views today (to be exact 10,018 now) for the first time ever since its inception from February 28th, 2017. It has served more than 4,210 readers from over 40 different countries in the whole world. It was merely 8 months’ time, which is less than a year. … Continue reading Exceeding 10,000 Blog Views for the First Time Ever