Brighter Malaysia with Short Term Pain

It has been an exciting week for all Malaysian as the new government entered its third week of new ruling. Many things happened in this week, including a major market consolidation, formation of Malaysia Hope Fund, scrapping off some mega construction projects etc… While Pakatan Harapan government has already revealed the shocking amount of debt … Continue reading Brighter Malaysia with Short Term Pain

Steady Rising Star

Surprisingly Malaysia market opened on last Monday with minimum volatility. GE 14 election shock was quickly absorbed within an hour after market opened officially. Ever since after then, market remained stable throughout the week without much selling pressure.  This sign could be interpreted that Malaysia market has accepted the change of regime positively. Throughout the … Continue reading Steady Rising Star

New Malaysia New Opportunity

May 10th, 2018 marked a day that made all Malaysian feel proud in the whole world. It is a day that surprised all foreign analyst. Like what I wrote in previous blog, almost all foreign analyst expected the previous administration under Najib would be able to retain power after General Election 14. Foreign investors were … Continue reading New Malaysia New Opportunity

Crouching for a Huge Profit from Post-Election Run Up Again?

As the date of GE 14 is getting nearer, there might be a large number of gamblers preparing to gain huge profit for the post-election stock bet.  For those who earned large profit at post-election bet from GE 13 would be still fresh in their memory that after the results of the 13th general election … Continue reading Crouching for a Huge Profit from Post-Election Run Up Again?