How to Handle Market Volatility?

Last week I accidental came across an investment coaching video entitled “How to Handle Market Volatility?” I thought this would be very helpful lesson when we are now in the midst of market extreme volatility. In fact I would say, it is a very good teaching. The gist of the lesson is during market volatile … Continue reading How to Handle Market Volatility?

What Does it Mean to Have Long Term Investment?

Time is the best factor for investment return. The longer the time you have invested your money, the better you can have for your return. Those who aim for big gain in short time will end up like shooting the air. As a reason we often heard prudent investment advice for long term. Those who … Continue reading What Does it Mean to Have Long Term Investment?

Do You Want to Freak Out Too?

It has been a rough week to bear for investors, especially for the last straw where Trump surprised the market by announcing raising import Tax for Steel and Aluminum. Criticism around the world from both investors and political leaders roared with disappointment and anger. Market Apocalyptics, of course were not sitting tight without trumpeting symphony. … Continue reading Do You Want to Freak Out Too?