Malaysia Market Outlook

In October Market Outlook article, I have mentioned the Malaysia market index has shown an obvious bearish direction and wasn’t looking very bright in the near future. In that article, I have called those who are not so certain the Malaysia economy can sustain external headwind may opt to quit Malaysia market at the rebound … Continue reading Malaysia Market Outlook

Market Movers Next Weeks

After my last week's blog release, we were hoping the US market to rise near its historical height and attempting to test and either break up or fail to break up the strong resistance line. If it fails, it would most probably reverse market trends into decadal bearishness.  However, when the market opened on Monday … Continue reading Market Movers Next Weeks

Your Investment Should be in Positive Territory by Now

If you are investing through mutual funds following my recommendations, all your funds should now be positive by now. Because all US markets have all broken through their resistance a few days ago. They are now posed for the bullish run next week unless Trump makes another shocking tweet within these few days.  US markets … Continue reading Your Investment Should be in Positive Territory by Now

Brighter Malaysia with Short Term Pain

It has been an exciting week for all Malaysian as the new government entered its third week of new ruling. Many things happened in this week, including a major market consolidation, formation of Malaysia Hope Fund, scrapping off some mega construction projects etc… While Pakatan Harapan government has already revealed the shocking amount of debt … Continue reading Brighter Malaysia with Short Term Pain

Markets Interwoven

It’s been the second week since the new Pakatan Harapan government came into power in Malaysia. Newspaper and magazine has been constantly selling out of stock on a daily basis ever since after the 14th general election. All Malaysians are delighted to read “discoveries” being dig out by the new government. Last week, all walks … Continue reading Markets Interwoven

New Malaysia New Opportunity

May 10th, 2018 marked a day that made all Malaysian feel proud in the whole world. It is a day that surprised all foreign analyst. Like what I wrote in previous blog, almost all foreign analyst expected the previous administration under Najib would be able to retain power after General Election 14. Foreign investors were … Continue reading New Malaysia New Opportunity

Introducing Good Fund ~ BIMB i Growth

With KLSE consolidating near to oversold level of 30, it is going to rebound any time probably next week. Some recent economic data also shows positive figures for Malaysia economic growth. It is a perfect time to consider entering Malaysian fund right now. As with Fund screening selector filtered by, among all outstanding Malaysian … Continue reading Introducing Good Fund ~ BIMB i Growth