Should We Invest into Bond?

Few days ago, one of my group members asked me whether we should invest into Bond.  I guess this is probably the same question many sincere investors are asking once in a while. High bond yields have been making big issue with bold headlines in the recent economic news. It seemingly makes us feel as … Continue reading Should We Invest into Bond?

Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

With the big drop on the Gold price last Thursday, April 4th, an obvious Symmetrical Triangle pattern has been significantly crafted out (see Chart A).  This pattern formation is telling investors mountain of information about market direction that is seemingly heading. Symmetrical Triangle pattern of a security indicates that the underlying is about to break … Continue reading Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

Markets Interwoven

It’s been the second week since the new Pakatan Harapan government came into power in Malaysia. Newspaper and magazine has been constantly selling out of stock on a daily basis ever since after the 14th general election. All Malaysians are delighted to read “discoveries” being dig out by the new government. Last week, all walks … Continue reading Markets Interwoven

Steady Rising Star

Surprisingly Malaysia market opened on last Monday with minimum volatility. GE 14 election shock was quickly absorbed within an hour after market opened officially. Ever since after then, market remained stable throughout the week without much selling pressure.  This sign could be interpreted that Malaysia market has accepted the change of regime positively. Throughout the … Continue reading Steady Rising Star

Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report

Quarterly earnings report is the most awaited moment for all investors. Good earnings or earning beats market expectation will normally propel stock prices for further record high. However, this earning season going in after two weeks, most corporate reports have been undoubtedly impressive. They beat Wall Street’s estimations both top and bottom lines. However, market … Continue reading Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report

Making the Best out of Your Idle Money

Recently my wife suggested to make some changes to the compound of our house so that we can make use of it for the possibility of doing a home business. So I went to the Employee Providence Fund (retirement fund) house to withdraw RM 15,000.00. In my past experience, it took about 3 weeks to … Continue reading Making the Best out of Your Idle Money