Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

When I have just started learning to invest, there were advises I learned over my reading. One of the advises said news and analytical reports sometimes are not accurate. They can serve as a distraction for your investment. No one really can predict market direction and its future with accuracy. It is better to hide … Continue reading Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

Has the Sparkle Gold Arrived now?

Most investors have been quite apprehensive about market involvement these while when the trade war is seemingly looming on the horizon. But the equity markets have nonetheless once again defied everyone by creating new height or near new height last Thursday. The most magnificent performer for the week is the spot gold. It has spiked … Continue reading Has the Sparkle Gold Arrived now?

Market Observation for June 2019

Global stock market for the month of May reflected the curse of “sell in May, go away” seasonal expectation. The entire month of May has seen global stock market slipping all the way down. Partly to blame is the rekindle trade war between US and China.  Hong Kong market has its  worst performing month since … Continue reading Market Observation for June 2019

Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

With the big drop on the Gold price last Thursday, April 4th, an obvious Symmetrical Triangle pattern has been significantly crafted out (see Chart A).  This pattern formation is telling investors mountain of information about market direction that is seemingly heading. Symmetrical Triangle pattern of a security indicates that the underlying is about to break … Continue reading Market is about to Turn into New page ~ April Market Watch 2019

Is it the Right Time to Focus on Gold?

Recent Fed announcement to pause rate hike for 2019 has suddenly surprised market participants off guarded.  The US dollar index (UUP) has immediately over reacted and dropped below its bullish uptrend line and threatened investors to go bearish. However gold price index did not dance with USD index. It was partly because gold price was … Continue reading Is it the Right Time to Focus on Gold?

The Joy of Cutting Your Losses

Is there any joy of cutting your losses? You may be surprised, the answer could be both yes and no! No one will be happy when you accept a losing investment position as final decision. Most investors refuse to turn a paper loss into a realized lost in reality. They will hold on steadfastly with … Continue reading The Joy of Cutting Your Losses