Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

When I have just started learning to invest, there were advises I learned over my reading. One of the advises said news and analytical reports sometimes are not accurate. They can serve as a distraction for your investment. No one really can predict market direction and its future with accuracy. It is better to hide … Continue reading Brainless Strategy Sometimes Really Works

How to Handle Gold’s Sinking Crisis?

Gold movement was advocated as one of the most significant observations last week.  I have mentioned that gold price movement will greatly depend on USD movement. If the USD movement is contended within side way of its channel, gold will move sideway accordingly. However, last week, USD has unexpectedly move up above its immediate previous … Continue reading How to Handle Gold’s Sinking Crisis?

Gold Poises the Best Test for Greed and Wisdom

Gold prices had its worst performance since April 2018. It has dropped 12.7% from April 17th 2018 to August 17th 2018.   On its way down, there were several rebounds which triggered some hope to gold traders and investors alike. But they turned out to be just a temporary technical rebounds and later dipped even deeper. … Continue reading Gold Poises the Best Test for Greed and Wisdom

Golden Opportunity?

Recently, prices of Gold has been surging crazily straight up from US 1,238.50 (per oz) on December 12th, 2017 to  USD 1,338 on January 17th, 2018 (Chart A~ Prices of Gold ran up in a month). Rhb Gold and General Fund has snatched a profit of 11.5% merely in a month by January 17th 2018. … Continue reading Golden Opportunity?

Should I Use “Cut Loss” in Unit Trust Investment?

The idea of “Cut Loss” comes from trading stock. Cut loss strategy is useful and necessary in stock trading because there are a lot of unknowns and uncertainties in the stock market. Without using cut loss strategy, a trader will risk himself losing all of his capital. This happens most of the time to novice … Continue reading Should I Use “Cut Loss” in Unit Trust Investment?