Is it the Right Time to Focus on Gold?

Recent Fed announcement to pause rate hike for 2019 has suddenly surprised market participants off guarded.  The US dollar index (UUP) has immediately over reacted and dropped below its bullish uptrend line and threatened investors to go bearish. However gold price index did not dance with USD index. It was partly because gold price was … Continue reading Is it the Right Time to Focus on Gold?


Park Your Fund Strategically

Global economic news these several weeks seem to paint a bring hope that US and China going to settle their trade dispute in the month of March with deadline gracefully extended. Global markets especially US, Hong Kong and Asian markets have been factored in strongly and flying high in midair. However, there has never been … Continue reading Park Your Fund Strategically

When the Two Elephants Fight …

With the high surge in Asian markets on Friday, investors were given a breather out of the trade war threats for the past 2 weeks. Will such a surge be a recovery process from recent market rout or just a technical rebound positioning for further dip next week?  Let’s explore some background works before coming … Continue reading When the Two Elephants Fight …

Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report

Quarterly earnings report is the most awaited moment for all investors. Good earnings or earning beats market expectation will normally propel stock prices for further record high. However, this earning season going in after two weeks, most corporate reports have been undoubtedly impressive. They beat Wall Street’s estimations both top and bottom lines. However, market … Continue reading Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report