Should We Invest into Bond?

Few days ago, one of my group members asked me whether we should invest into Bond.  I guess this is probably the same question many sincere investors are asking once in a while. High bond yields have been making big issue with bold headlines in the recent economic news. It seemingly makes us feel as … Continue reading Should We Invest into Bond?


Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?

With the halt of negotiation talk from the Chinese representatives expressed on Friday, trade war fear escalation was again thrown into focus. China markets represented by Shanghai Composite index dropped immediately down 2.45% after such news on Friday, May 17th.  All major US equity markets were not spared from such new development; all were down … Continue reading Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?

Global Market Turning into a Positive Mood

With the announcement of President Trump for signing a temporary ending of the government partial shutdown, US markets rose to a level setting for a future breakthrough next week.  In fact, global markets have slowly turned from a bearish trending at the end of 2018 to become a recovery since the beginning of the year … Continue reading Global Market Turning into a Positive Mood

Golden Investment Opportunity in 2018

Finally the long awaited moment of trade war in greater measure between the two largest economies in the world has been reviewed on September 19th 2018.  Both US and China has announced their respective tariff measures against each other. Surprisingly the extent of the tariff is lesser than what the world has expected. US has … Continue reading Golden Investment Opportunity in 2018

Spring Board Jump from 2017 to 2018

New year period for a Chinese is around January 1 of each of new calendar year till the 15th first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar.  This is almost ranging around 1 to 2 months period. No Chinese will feel really have entered a new year unless he has gone passed the 15th first month … Continue reading Spring Board Jump from 2017 to 2018

Where in the World still Deserves our Investment

When US markets have been creating new heights recently, what had been viewed as expensive has become even more expensive. While the global recession preceded by market crash or the Black Swan event has not arrived though those crying wolves have been around for quite many years by now, it seems there is still no … Continue reading Where in the World still Deserves our Investment