Are You Investing or Gambling?

Few weeks ago, a pop-up notification in my hand phone notifying a news article releasing a group of co-workers won first price of a lottery ticket in a Western country. The news said the winners split the prize among themselves. While remain anonymous, some of the winners reportedly said they will use the money to … Continue reading Are You Investing or Gambling?

7 Essential Keys for Investment Success

While most people failed to make market investment a success till the end, but few people do make it a success. Knowing what the factors that killed an investor are is critical at the very beginning then. These factors were published in previous articles on 7 Deadly Investor Killers. On the other hand, knowing there … Continue reading 7 Essential Keys for Investment Success

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Surprisingly, when the previous blog “Bitcoin, the Needle of the Next Economic Bubble” was published last week, someone from the Facebook page responded asking where can she buy Bitcoin? In good gesture, I gave an ambiguous response. I thought who am I to be a stumbling block to whoever see such a life’s time opportunity. … Continue reading Should You Buy Bitcoin?