7 Essential Keys for Investment Success

While most people failed to make market investment a success till the end, but few people do make it a success. Knowing what the factors that killed an investor are is critical at the very beginning then. These factors were published in previous articles on 7 Deadly Investor Killers. On the other hand, knowing there … Continue reading 7 Essential Keys for Investment Success

Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Incidentally, blog views for Treasure Hunting Wizard has already exceeded 30,000 milestone some time ago without knowing it. It has now registered a total hits of 33,316 as of today. The total number of readers came into contact with this blog was 15,488 people coming from 82 countries throughout the world.  I have done a … Continue reading Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Does Age Matter in Investment?

Recently I met a young man in a jogging park. He first asked me whether I recognized him as he was one of my students attended my financial class many years ago. He was so excited to let me know that he was doing very well in his financial dealing though forex trading. He was … Continue reading Does Age Matter in Investment?

Breaking through RM 10,000.00 Profit for the First Time in 2017

With the dovish US Fed minute announcement last Thursday, the global markets were dancing to the party to all time heights. My investment portfolio did joined in the party, and the overall profit exceeded RM 10,000.00 for the first time in 2017. Let me explain in detail what it means here; I have been managing … Continue reading Breaking through RM 10,000.00 Profit for the First Time in 2017

There is Life in Your Money

Do you know there is life in your money? Money is not just a piece of commodity paper. It is a form of life in itself. It can be described as seed. Sometimes I heard some of my investing friends lamenting they are too busy, cannot find the time to look into investing. In this … Continue reading There is Life in Your Money

快乐理财人 Treasure Hunters

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