Trade Wars are Good?

Once he entered into his second year of becoming the US President, Donald Trump initiated trade disputes with numerous global trading partners inviting opposing critique describing him as initiating a “trade war.” He then responded saying that “Trade wars are good, they are easy to win!”  As we have truly entered into a new era … Continue reading Trade Wars are Good?

Is Dow Going to Hit 30,000 Mark?

While we have heard and read about the fear of economic down turn due to impending trade war initiated by US President, Donald Trump. Most of us tend to have a bearish outlook for the market future. But one of the speakers in a market talk seminar I attended last week spoke positively about the … Continue reading Is Dow Going to Hit 30,000 Mark?

Investment Outlook for 2018 

2017 has been a tremendous year for investment especially at the first half of the year. Volatility has increased when we entered the second half of the year. Major market tremors were caused by geographical political tension created by North Korea nuclear weapon threats, China and India border conflicts, and a few major European countries’ … Continue reading Investment Outlook for 2018