Did We Make a Mistake?

Previous Week, we have noticed bond fund was dropping under the fear of Malaysia Government bond being kicked out of the FTSE Russell World Bond Index, which will eventually cause a massive exodus of capital fund from Malaysia. At that time, we were not sure why bond investors had such a fear and started running … Continue reading Did We Make a Mistake?

Astonishing Effect of Compounding Growth

Most investors are aware of the power of compounding interest as the most powerful force of the universe as too many people put the quote to Albert Einstein’s mouth where he probably didn’t say it at all. However, most people would not mind whoever said it. It is indeed a powerful thing we all recognize. … Continue reading Astonishing Effect of Compounding Growth

Unit Trust Investment:  a Better Choice than Stock

“Are you serious?” You might be wondering,  “How can investing in unit trust has any advantage over stock?” As I searched the internet, I found out there are more information about stock investment than unit trust investment. Stock investment or trading is more interesting and attractive then unit trust for various reasons. However, the flip … Continue reading Unit Trust Investment:  a Better Choice than Stock