October Market Watch: Significant Market Move Weeks Ahead

A few days ago, US markets had two days major slide leading global market retrieve overnight. The cause of the slide was bad corporate reports started the quarterly reporting season in the fear of the backfire from the trade war effect. However, a few more good US economic reports like high employment rate has calmed … Continue reading October Market Watch: Significant Market Move Weeks Ahead


Don’t Panic, It’s not the End of the World Yet!

Last Sunday, May 5th, President Trump of the US twisted in 102 words that he is going to raise tariff rate to 25% from 10% for Chinese good import value of USD 200 billion starting from Friday. This twister message has reportedly wiped out more than 13 billion USD from the worldwide stock market in … Continue reading Don’t Panic, It’s not the End of the World Yet!

December Market Analysis

The Big drop overnight yesterday in the US markets became headlines over major news carriers causing some attention or fear from investors worldwide. However, a closer look at the chart would tell that the drop was not a severe phenomenon but rather it was merely a “buyer protest” of their disappointment over the mixed or … Continue reading December Market Analysis

Importance of Keeping Invested

In this high volatile market, many investors would have been thrown out by market waves. Market has a insidious sting to fool investors most of the time. In this transitional period between bull and bear market struggle, it is very difficult to decide to keep your finger there or take your hand totally out of … Continue reading Importance of Keeping Invested

Perfect Time for Realignment

As the global market just have had a major correction last week, it is also a wonderful opportunity for UT investors to reflect your investment and fund selection.  This is also a good opportunity because equity markets throughout the whole world is also climbing slowly at this moment.  During this long holiday break, also another … Continue reading Perfect Time for Realignment

You Could Have Earned 43.5% Profit by Now!

Half of the year 2017 is already over now.  Many people will feel despair that time really flies! Yes, time flies for everyone.  But not everyone feels despair and helpless. Some will have a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. These are the people who know how to reproduce life. Life grows over time. It becomes … Continue reading You Could Have Earned 43.5% Profit by Now!

China Market Posts for Attraction 21/5/2017

                  Interestingly, China market has a sharp drop of roughly 7.2% in the past one month as measured by Shanghai Composite Index. It dropped from its peak of 3,288.97 points at 11th April 2017 to the lowest point of 3052.78 in 10th May 2017. But no one … Continue reading China Market Posts for Attraction 21/5/2017