Investing in a Topping Market

Every investor knows that our bull market is in the late stage. However this late stage can last for years, if not several months. Everyone now is concerned exactly when will the end time of current bull market come. Experienced investors will know that bear market would not come suddenly out of no way. There … Continue reading Investing in a Topping Market

August Market Watch

Interesting to note that markets have been stereotyped for this while. Anyone who has been paying attention would have noticed a certain pattern. First, it is the US dollar value has been steadily rising no matter what happened. It just moves its way up without any hindrance ahead seemingly. Its appreciating value has been pushed … Continue reading August Market Watch

5 Reasons to Believe Recent Sell Off a Temporary Event

Andrew Sheets, chief cross-asset strategist at Morgan Stanley, recently said that the recent correction was just an "appetizer, not the main course."   Chris Watling, chief executive of financial advisory firm Longview Economics, also said that market models show a "third wave" of the market correction is coming.  This comment was released at the time when … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Believe Recent Sell Off a Temporary Event

Fire Drill or False Alarm?

When we were still in our elementary school, we were often being fire drilled what should we do if the fire alarm being triggered. This fire drill is important even though real fire might not possibly happened and in fact, it really did not happen in my entire school days right up to university. There … Continue reading Fire Drill or False Alarm?

Fascinating Illusion of Fast Money

Few days ago, one of my friends showed me his account with Bitcoin. He put in RM 30.00 just for a try and it grew up to RM 735.00 now. I asked him why didn’t he put in RM 3,000.00, it would have become RM 73,500.00 now, would he regret that he didn’t put in … Continue reading Fascinating Illusion of Fast Money