Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method

About 4 weeks ago, I shared in the article entitled “Should We Invest into Bond?” about the beauty of investment through unit trust using the DIY online method which I have been promoting here. In the time of market uncertainty, the bond fund will be our investment darling. It gives us a steady flow of … Continue reading Fantastic Unit Trust Investment Strategy Using Online DIY Method


Should We Invest into Bond?

Few days ago, one of my group members asked me whether we should invest into Bond.  I guess this is probably the same question many sincere investors are asking once in a while. High bond yields have been making big issue with bold headlines in the recent economic news. It seemingly makes us feel as … Continue reading Should We Invest into Bond?

How to Beat Investing Mammoth

Last Friday, March 29th, Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), one of the investment mammoths of Malaysia announced its dividend distribution of a record high of RM15bil for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2018. The same article said PNB has successfully maneuvered through a challenging economic environment in 2018 to achieve a 6.9% increase in assets … Continue reading How to Beat Investing Mammoth

Park Your Fund Strategically

Global economic news these several weeks seem to paint a bring hope that US and China going to settle their trade dispute in the month of March with deadline gracefully extended. Global markets especially US, Hong Kong and Asian markets have been factored in strongly and flying high in midair. However, there has never been … Continue reading Park Your Fund Strategically

Investing in a Topping Market

Every investor knows that our bull market is in the late stage. However this late stage can last for years, if not several months. Everyone now is concerned exactly when will the end time of current bull market come. Experienced investors will know that bear market would not come suddenly out of no way. There … Continue reading Investing in a Topping Market

Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report

Quarterly earnings report is the most awaited moment for all investors. Good earnings or earning beats market expectation will normally propel stock prices for further record high. However, this earning season going in after two weeks, most corporate reports have been undoubtedly impressive. They beat Wall Street’s estimations both top and bottom lines. However, market … Continue reading Strange Market Response to Good Earnings Report

Misleading Information 4~  Profit Return of Unit Trust Investment is Not Attractive

Profit Return of Unit trust Investment is poorer than Fixed Deposit in the Bank.  Some study reports discovered that the return of investment from many fund houses collectively in 3, 5, 10 years are lower than Fixed deposit in the bank. Therefore, you better put your money into the bank rather than investing into unit … Continue reading Misleading Information 4~  Profit Return of Unit Trust Investment is Not Attractive