Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Incidentally, blog views for Treasure Hunting Wizard has already exceeded 30,000 milestone some time ago without knowing it. It has now registered a total hits of 33,316 as of today. The total number of readers came into contact with this blog was 15,488 people coming from 82 countries throughout the world.  I have done a … Continue reading Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

The Great Tectonic Shift

So now, trade war between the two giants has really gone out officially on Friday July 6th 2018. The question now is not so much on whether it will get deteriorate or whether the global economic will spiral down, but rather, what will be the ultimate outcome at the end of the war. For the … Continue reading The Great Tectonic Shift

Exceeding 10,000 Blog Views for the First Time Ever

Treasure Hunting Wizard blog has amazingly exceeded 10,000 views today (to be exact 10,018 now) for the first time ever since its inception from February 28th, 2017. It has served more than 4,210 readers from over 40 different countries in the whole world. It was merely 8 months’ time, which is less than a year. … Continue reading Exceeding 10,000 Blog Views for the First Time Ever