How Much is Enough?

How much is your retirement fund? Is your retirement fund enough for you to retire comfortably? These are few of the popped-up messages in my daily news reading. There are numerous online articles discussing retirement plan. Suggestions for saving target of retirement fund are given ranging from an amount 10 times more than your salary … Continue reading How Much is Enough?

Market Outlook for 2019

It’s just going to be a day away before we bit farewell to 2018. By tomorrow, there will be many news articles evaluating the market for the entire year. I believe no commentator will cheer market performance for 2018. It has been a rocky year and ended all in negative territories including US markets. Worst … Continue reading Market Outlook for 2019

What does Recent Market Correction Mean to You?

One the of recent market articles I have come across quoted 5 market experts with all profound and convincing reasons proposing to investors that if you have been frightened or wounded by recent correction, it means you would better stay out of the market.  These experts see that  more correction will come very soon.  Some … Continue reading What does Recent Market Correction Mean to You?

Fire Drill or False Alarm?

When we were still in our elementary school, we were often being fire drilled what should we do if the fire alarm being triggered. This fire drill is important even though real fire might not possibly happened and in fact, it really did not happen in my entire school days right up to university. There … Continue reading Fire Drill or False Alarm?

Investment Turning into 2018

Today is the last day of 2017. People from all over the world will be celebrating the end of 2017 and the coming of the first day of 2018 at midnight today. Time flies, those who have passed mid life would feel frightened because we are getting older.  On the other hand, however, those who … Continue reading Investment Turning into 2018