7 Deadly Investor Killers

While investment is a lifelong career, not many people can achieve such purpose. Most investors become “drop out” half way while trying. Many have entered market hopping from one trading method into another. Some started with stock, then moved on to binary trade, forex, option, then to cryptocurrency etc.  Whatever method one is using, there … Continue reading 7 Deadly Investor Killers

Golden Opportunity?

Recently, prices of Gold has been surging crazily straight up from US 1,238.50 (per oz) on December 12th, 2017 to  USD 1,338 on January 17th, 2018 (Chart A~ Prices of Gold ran up in a month). Rhb Gold and General Fund has snatched a profit of 11.5% merely in a month by January 17th 2018. … Continue reading Golden Opportunity?

Fascinating Illusion of Fast Money

Few days ago, one of my friends showed me his account with Bitcoin. He put in RM 30.00 just for a try and it grew up to RM 735.00 now. I asked him why didn’t he put in RM 3,000.00, it would have become RM 73,500.00 now, would he regret that he didn’t put in … Continue reading Fascinating Illusion of Fast Money

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Surprisingly, when the previous blog “Bitcoin, the Needle of the Next Economic Bubble” was published last week, someone from the Facebook page responded asking where can she buy Bitcoin? In good gesture, I gave an ambiguous response. I thought who am I to be a stumbling block to whoever see such a life’s time opportunity. … Continue reading Should You Buy Bitcoin?