Exciting Events to Watch After Another Rate Cut

With the announcement of the latest interest rate cut for the consecutive third time of the year 2019, US equity market indexes have all welcomed the decision. And two of them, Nasdaq and S&P 500 have charted new historical heights firmly into new territories (Chart A). (Chart A) US stock market charted into new historical … Continue reading Exciting Events to Watch After Another Rate Cut


After China Being Labeled as Currency Manipulator, What is Next then?

It was an exciting week we have just experienced as far as market fireworks are concerned. In the previous week, we saw the little market drop after the Fed announcement of an interest rate cut and followed by Trump kicked off trade war battle for another round of tariff hike by 10% against Chinese imported good … Continue reading After China Being Labeled as Currency Manipulator, What is Next then?

Weird Market Expectation: July Market Watch

Something peculiar is unfolding in the stock market expectation at this moment in human history. I sense there might have a tremendous opportunity opening for us if this weird expectation continues to develop.  Every sensible investor knows that the US economy is doing substantially well or better than all other global economies. The US economic … Continue reading Weird Market Expectation: July Market Watch

Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?

With the halt of negotiation talk from the Chinese representatives expressed on Friday, trade war fear escalation was again thrown into focus. China markets represented by Shanghai Composite index dropped immediately down 2.45% after such news on Friday, May 17th.  All major US equity markets were not spared from such new development; all were down … Continue reading Is Global Recession Inevitably Coming?

Critical Market Observation

In response to Trump’s firing trade war with China, US equity markets reacted with another huge drop since February in last 2 trading sessions. It ended with the same level as the previous low which is technically defined as the 10% market correction.  (Chart A) However, looking at the major trend by plotting the tops … Continue reading Critical Market Observation

A Day of Decision

This week has been another tough week. Investors have been rattled with intense feeling of the imminent coming of the big bear. The resignation of Gary Cohn, the top Financial Adviser for the Trump Administration has added bearish view to the global financially view. With Trump’s stunt attitude towards his resignation saying there are more … Continue reading A Day of Decision

Do You Want to Freak Out Too?

It has been a rough week to bear for investors, especially for the last straw where Trump surprised the market by announcing raising import Tax for Steel and Aluminum. Criticism around the world from both investors and political leaders roared with disappointment and anger. Market Apocalyptics, of course were not sitting tight without trumpeting symphony. … Continue reading Do You Want to Freak Out Too?