Will the Stock Market Catch the Flu this round?

With the US confirmed to have a second person infected with coronavirus in Chicago last Friday, the stock market retrieved substantially. S&P 500 index has the worst one day drop since October last year (Chart A).  Even though the World Health Organization did not decide the current coronavirus a global health emergency on the last … Continue reading Will the Stock Market Catch the Flu this round?

Disappointing Result

As I have shared in the article a half year ago, I was surprised to find out my portfolio has gained RM15,000 so fast. It was a happy moment because I was able to take back what was lost in the previous year even with an addition of RM 5,000. In that writing I said … Continue reading Disappointing Result

Entering Market at the Most Delusive Week

As I have mentioned in previous article, the conflict between Iran and the US may not bring down the market. The reason for my prediction was the inability for Iran to fight back with enough strength that will threaten the US market with fear. In that article, I pointed out that investor should avoid aiming … Continue reading Entering Market at the Most Delusive Week

The 10% Strategy

For a conservative investor, the greatest despair is missing good opportunity to invest. The intention of a conservative investor is to play safe. He doesn’t want to take too high a risk that ends up losing his capital. Patient is his motto of investment. Sometimes, patience doesn’t pay. The more a conservative investor waits, the … Continue reading The 10% Strategy

Preparing for a Better Future

As the trade war between the US and China is cooling off, global stock markets have been all rushing to the top without taking a breath. This has made those who missed the opportunity to jump in during the big pull back caused by Trump’s accidental tweeting greatly disappointed.   However, I have to assure … Continue reading Preparing for a Better Future

After Signing the First Phase Trade Agreement, Now What?

President Trump finally has signed the phase one trade war truce with China on Thursday, December 12th, 2019. After the release of the news, US markets flew off and never looked back ever since.  Some of the most significant questions conservative investors are asking now are such as, what is the significance? Does it signify … Continue reading After Signing the First Phase Trade Agreement, Now What?

Emerging Market Funds

Several days ago, I have accidentally come across an investment recommended article highlighting where should we invest. The article suggested we should focus on emerging market. The reason is because whenever cheap money is available in the US, there is a tendency for the dollar to flow to this segment of the world economy. Since … Continue reading Emerging Market Funds