Should We Invest into Bond?

Few days ago, one of my group members asked me whether we should invest into Bond.  I guess this is probably the same question many sincere investors are asking once in a while. High bond yields have been making big issue with bold headlines in the recent economic news. It seemingly makes us feel as … Continue reading Should We Invest into Bond?


Best Strategic Approach to Unit Trust Investment

Conventionally, unit trust investment has been viewed as a passively kept investment vehicle by professional advice. The basic idea of unit trust investment is pulling all capital from retail investors and let professionally trained fund house officers to manage market fluctuation. The purpose is to help those who have money to invest stock market but … Continue reading Best Strategic Approach to Unit Trust Investment

What does it Mean by “Global Growth Slow Down”?

As the new year 2019 started, many economics, experts, commentators alike are very concern about economic health of the world. Many have predicted there will be a global growth slow down for the year 2019, but not a recession year. If we were to presume this prediction is correct, what is the consequence of market … Continue reading What does it Mean by “Global Growth Slow Down”?

Should We Buy Gold Related Funds Now?

Prices of gold have been the most mysterious among all kind of investment vehicle. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, holding economic degrees from both Harvest College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology famously told Congress that, “nobody really understands gold prices, and I don’t pretend to really understand them either.” Nonetheless, there are a lot … Continue reading Should We Buy Gold Related Funds Now?

How to Handle Recent Market Rout?

Last week, global market led by the US markets has been dropping constantly, even beyond supporting lines. There seems to be a global bear market coming in. The decadal economic cycle curse is unarguably imminent. We might think that all investors should be running away from the market.  However, it is very interesting to notice … Continue reading How to Handle Recent Market Rout?

How to Handle Market Volatility?

Last week I accidental came across an investment coaching video entitled “How to Handle Market Volatility?” I thought this would be very helpful lesson when we are now in the midst of market extreme volatility. In fact I would say, it is a very good teaching. The gist of the lesson is during market volatile … Continue reading How to Handle Market Volatility?

Investing in a Topping Market

Every investor knows that our bull market is in the late stage. However this late stage can last for years, if not several months. Everyone now is concerned exactly when will the end time of current bull market come. Experienced investors will know that bear market would not come suddenly out of no way. There … Continue reading Investing in a Topping Market