How Much is Enough?

How much is your retirement fund? Is your retirement fund enough for you to retire comfortably? These are few of the popped-up messages in my daily news reading. There are numerous online articles discussing retirement plan. Suggestions for saving target of retirement fund are given ranging from an amount 10 times more than your salary … Continue reading How Much is Enough?


Are You Investing or Gambling?

Few weeks ago, a pop-up notification in my hand phone notifying a news article releasing a group of co-workers won first price of a lottery ticket in a Western country. The news said the winners split the prize among themselves. While remain anonymous, some of the winners reportedly said they will use the money to … Continue reading Are You Investing or Gambling?

What does it Mean by “Global Growth Slow Down”?

As the new year 2019 started, many economics, experts, commentators alike are very concern about economic health of the world. Many have predicted there will be a global growth slow down for the year 2019, but not a recession year. If we were to presume this prediction is correct, what is the consequence of market … Continue reading What does it Mean by “Global Growth Slow Down”?

Snares of Market Predictions

US market has just posted the best weeks for the month since  March 2016 particularly true for S&P 500 index. It has crashed those who have left market earlier but rewarded those who bet from bottom fishing. However, no one can be certain whether this surge set up a bull trapped or real bull run … Continue reading Snares of Market Predictions

How to Handle Recent Market Rout?

Last week, global market led by the US markets has been dropping constantly, even beyond supporting lines. There seems to be a global bear market coming in. The decadal economic cycle curse is unarguably imminent. We might think that all investors should be running away from the market.  However, it is very interesting to notice … Continue reading How to Handle Recent Market Rout?

How to Handle Market Volatility?

Last week I accidental came across an investment coaching video entitled “How to Handle Market Volatility?” I thought this would be very helpful lesson when we are now in the midst of market extreme volatility. In fact I would say, it is a very good teaching. The gist of the lesson is during market volatile … Continue reading How to Handle Market Volatility?

7 Essential Keys for Investment Success

While most people failed to make market investment a success till the end, but few people do make it a success. Knowing what the factors that killed an investor are is critical at the very beginning then. These factors were published in previous articles on 7 Deadly Investor Killers. On the other hand, knowing there … Continue reading 7 Essential Keys for Investment Success