Preparing for a Better Future

As the trade war between the US and China is cooling off, global stock markets have been all rushing to the top without taking a breath. This has made those who missed the opportunity to jump in during the big pull back caused by Trump’s accidental tweeting greatly disappointed.   However, I have to assure … Continue reading Preparing for a Better Future

Emerging Market Funds

Several days ago, I have accidentally come across an investment recommended article highlighting where should we invest. The article suggested we should focus on emerging market. The reason is because whenever cheap money is available in the US, there is a tendency for the dollar to flow to this segment of the world economy. Since … Continue reading Emerging Market Funds

You Could Have Seen 57% Profit in Your Investment

With such a poor investment global equity market environment, if you do not experience loses in your investment, you may consider yourself success by now in 2019, let alone dream of any profit. This is most probably true if you invest only in the stock market alone. Global stock markets are either moving sideways or … Continue reading You Could Have Seen 57% Profit in Your Investment

Did We Make a Mistake?

Previous Week, we have noticed bond fund was dropping under the fear of Malaysia Government bond being kicked out of the FTSE Russell World Bond Index, which will eventually cause a massive exodus of capital fund from Malaysia. At that time, we were not sure why bond investors had such a fear and started running … Continue reading Did We Make a Mistake?

How to Tackle Bond Drop Crisis

If you have been watching your “crop,” you would have noticed the Malaysian bond fund has been dropping consistently since 17th September (Tues). Commentators may have noticed there is an outflow of foreign funds from the Malaysia bond market, but no one really knows for sure the cause of it. So far, there is no … Continue reading How to Tackle Bond Drop Crisis

Your Investment Should be in Positive Territory by Now

If you are investing through mutual funds following my recommendations, all your funds should now be positive by now. Because all US markets have all broken through their resistance a few days ago. They are now posed for the bullish run next week unless Trump makes another shocking tweet within these few days.  US markets … Continue reading Your Investment Should be in Positive Territory by Now

The Rare Amazing Bond Run

Those who are often reading economic news may have noticed the topic of bonds during this time. Recently, the US stock market correction is also due to the threat of bond yield curve inversion. There shouldn't be anyone who hasn't heard of it now. I have also released an article “Should We Invest into Bonds?” … Continue reading The Rare Amazing Bond Run