The Best Place to Save Your Cash

Professional Investment Training always advises investor to save up some ready cash up to 3 to 6 months equivalent amount of expenditure before you go into investment. Every investor started any investment should have a long-term commitment view. Once invested, the capital should be committed to fight for long term battle in the field. There … Continue reading The Best Place to Save Your Cash

Expenses with Instalment Plan?

There was a period of time where retail businesses were popular in promoting instalment plan for electrical appliances and homewares. And this plan attracted hot sales among many businesses because it made purchases of large homeware items possible to many lower income families. Families were able to pay up large and luxurious household expenditures, such … Continue reading Expenses with Instalment Plan?

Right Spending Will Make You a Better Person

Second week of August has been the biggest struggle I have ever entered in my whole life. I anticipated to consume the largest spending in my entire life. Not the sending of my son to start his university study in the US, but rather it is the trip I accompanied him there. Before coming to … Continue reading Right Spending Will Make You a Better Person

Waiting for the Crack

At the start of the New Year 2018, we saw US stocks shooting to the sky, moving vertically up defiling any human logic. There was no spectacular news propelling the upward movement except for the process of Trump’s corporate tax deduction laws getting through the approval debate. Then come the first week of February, the … Continue reading Waiting for the Crack

Making the Best out of Your Idle Money

Recently my wife suggested to make some changes to the compound of our house so that we can make use of it for the possibility of doing a home business. So I went to the Employee Providence Fund (retirement fund) house to withdraw RM 15,000.00. In my past experience, it took about 3 weeks to … Continue reading Making the Best out of Your Idle Money

7 Major Factors Affecting Performance of a Fund

Be vigilant even if investing through mutual fund