Waiting for the Crack

At the start of the New Year 2018, we saw US stocks shooting to the sky, moving vertically up defiling any human logic. There was no spectacular news propelling the upward movement except for the process of Trump’s corporate tax deduction laws getting through the approval debate. Then come the first week of February, the … Continue reading Waiting for the Crack

Golden Opportunity?

Recently, prices of Gold has been surging crazily straight up from US 1,238.50 (per oz) on December 12th, 2017 to  USD 1,338 on January 17th, 2018 (Chart A~ Prices of Gold ran up in a month). Rhb Gold and General Fund has snatched a profit of 11.5% merely in a month by January 17th 2018. … Continue reading Golden Opportunity?

The Peril of Professional Advise

I read a research article published by a unit trust business corporate not long ago. The article discussed about a finding of the result between active management of investment portfolio verses passive management.  Active management was defined as someone who keeps on looking on market condition to invest. They come in and out of the … Continue reading The Peril of Professional Advise

Buying “Unit Trust” or Buying “Meat”

Yesterday, when I turned on Fundsupermart (FSM) website to check my fund investment. I saw one of my funds dropped into a loss of 63%. When looking up its price again, it fell to 0.6299 from 1.8931 in one day. I was deeply shocked, I thought there might be some price adjustment by the fund … Continue reading Buying “Unit Trust” or Buying “Meat”

Misleading Information 6 ~Listen to expert’s advice should help higher return

Listen to expert’s advice should help higher return. They know better than me, and therefore they can’t be wrong too far since they are specialized in investment knowledge.  This is the most common error for beginners. Most beginners started investing by listening to advice from others who claimed to have knowledge in investment. When they … Continue reading Misleading Information 6 ~Listen to expert’s advice should help higher return