Malaysia Market Outlook

In October Market Outlook article, I have mentioned the Malaysia market index has shown an obvious bearish direction and wasn’t looking very bright in the near future. In that article, I have called those who are not so certain the Malaysia economy can sustain external headwind may opt to quit Malaysia market at the rebound … Continue reading Malaysia Market Outlook

What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

In order to meet the demand of fair trade from the US, National People’s Congress of China ended last Friday with a ceremonial endorsement of a law that addresses specific issues the foreign business community has long complained about, such as intellectual property protection. However, critics from the US said that such act was correctly … Continue reading What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

Would Trumps’ Wall Matter to Global Economy?

Trump’s intention to build security wall between Mexico and US border has been heated up recently until it became a causation for the partial US government shut down. The issue has become the most divisive factor in US recent politics. During this longest government shut down in US history, US markets have basically been muted. … Continue reading Would Trumps’ Wall Matter to Global Economy?

When the Two Elephants Fight …

With the high surge in Asian markets on Friday, investors were given a breather out of the trade war threats for the past 2 weeks. Will such a surge be a recovery process from recent market rout or just a technical rebound positioning for further dip next week?  Let’s explore some background works before coming … Continue reading When the Two Elephants Fight …

Trade War for Real

Interestingly, while Sino-US were having trade war threat with rhetoric back and forth like two childish kids having words of fight, Nasdaq continued to create new historical heights in the week just past. It reflects as if there were people in the US who do not believe that the trade war is really serious. Or … Continue reading Trade War for Real

Steady Rising Star

Surprisingly Malaysia market opened on last Monday with minimum volatility. GE 14 election shock was quickly absorbed within an hour after market opened officially. Ever since after then, market remained stable throughout the week without much selling pressure.  This sign could be interpreted that Malaysia market has accepted the change of regime positively. Throughout the … Continue reading Steady Rising Star

Crouching for a Huge Profit from Post-Election Run Up Again?

As the date of GE 14 is getting nearer, there might be a large number of gamblers preparing to gain huge profit for the post-election stock bet.  For those who earned large profit at post-election bet from GE 13 would be still fresh in their memory that after the results of the 13th general election … Continue reading Crouching for a Huge Profit from Post-Election Run Up Again?