Disappointing Result

As I have shared in the article a half year ago, I was surprised to find out my portfolio has gained RM15,000 so fast. It was a happy moment because I was able to take back what was lost in the previous year even with an addition of RM 5,000. In that writing I said … Continue reading Disappointing Result

Is Investment Suitable for You?

If you were being asked with the question, why do you involve with investment? I believe you will not have any doubt to reply; “to earn money!” Earning money is the goal of all walk of trade. There are many ways to earn money in our society. But not all money-making business is suitable for … Continue reading Is Investment Suitable for You?

The Right Spending Rewarded

Those of you who were faithful readers started more than a year ago, exactly this time, you might have read my article entitled the Right Spending Makes you a Better Person. In that article, I shared the biggest struggle in my entire life by accompanying my son to US to enroll for his undergraduate study. … Continue reading The Right Spending Rewarded

Surprisingly Profit Exceeding RM 15,000 for the First Time in 2019

I haven’t updated my unit trust investment portfolio for quite some time for various reasons.  Last week, when Gold price spiked sky high, I thought it would be good to take a look how my investment portfolio has performed. Then on June 26th, after every NAV figure updated, I was surprised to see the profit … Continue reading Surprisingly Profit Exceeding RM 15,000 for the First Time in 2019

Rectifying Misleading Information about Unit Trust Investment

While unit trust investment is an easy starter for investor,  there are many misleading information or concept about unit trust investment which prevented involvement. In this article, I shall expose and clarify each of them. Due to each subject required some space to explain, each issue will be discussed in separate page. Please choose your … Continue reading Rectifying Misleading Information about Unit Trust Investment

7 Major Factors Affecting Performance of a Fund

Be vigilant even if investing through mutual fund

Treasure Hunters   ~ 5 Investment Communication Channels

After half a year, Treasure Hunters gradually formed five kinds of communication channels. Due to the differences in each function, content of communication has become different as well. Within each of the five channels of communication, some issues will be repeated, some are unique releases by themselves. In order to avoid missing any information or … Continue reading Treasure Hunters   ~ 5 Investment Communication Channels