Don’t Panic, It’s not the End of the World Yet!

Last Sunday, May 5th, President Trump of the US twisted in 102 words that he is going to raise tariff rate to 25% from 10% for Chinese good import value of USD 200 billion starting from Friday. This twister message has reportedly wiped out more than 13 billion USD from the worldwide stock market in … Continue reading Don’t Panic, It’s not the End of the World Yet!


What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

In order to meet the demand of fair trade from the US, National People’s Congress of China ended last Friday with a ceremonial endorsement of a law that addresses specific issues the foreign business community has long complained about, such as intellectual property protection. However, critics from the US said that such act was correctly … Continue reading What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

Golden Investment Opportunity in 2018

Finally the long awaited moment of trade war in greater measure between the two largest economies in the world has been reviewed on September 19th 2018.  Both US and China has announced their respective tariff measures against each other. Surprisingly the extent of the tariff is lesser than what the world has expected. US has … Continue reading Golden Investment Opportunity in 2018

When the Two Elephants Fight …

With the high surge in Asian markets on Friday, investors were given a breather out of the trade war threats for the past 2 weeks. Will such a surge be a recovery process from recent market rout or just a technical rebound positioning for further dip next week?  Let’s explore some background works before coming … Continue reading When the Two Elephants Fight …

Perfect Time for Realignment

As the global market just have had a major correction last week, it is also a wonderful opportunity for UT investors to reflect your investment and fund selection.  This is also a good opportunity because equity markets throughout the whole world is also climbing slowly at this moment.  During this long holiday break, also another … Continue reading Perfect Time for Realignment

Where in the World still Deserves our Investment

When US markets have been creating new heights recently, what had been viewed as expensive has become even more expensive. While the global recession preceded by market crash or the Black Swan event has not arrived though those crying wolves have been around for quite many years by now, it seems there is still no … Continue reading Where in the World still Deserves our Investment

China Moving into Central Stage as World Super Power

Recent military exercises near Korea Peninsula has shown a small step for China’s political move but giant Leap to the central stage for world super power both politically and economically.  The whole world has been waiting and watching how the US can help lowering the war threat initiated by missile test launched by North Korea. … Continue reading China Moving into Central Stage as World Super Power