Decisive Market Future Next Week

Interestingly, at the backdrop of all negative global economic prognosis, most US market indexes have arrived at or near historical heights at the market close on Friday (Chart A). There is an important observation for the market trend next week. There can be two scenarios; the US market may break above historical height or drop … Continue reading Decisive Market Future Next Week


How to Make Use Unit Trust Investment to Compound our Wealth: Equity Funds, Our Best Weapons (II)

I have briefly shared about how we can make use of equity funds in unit trust previously in Equity Funds~Our Best Weapon ( I ) . I shall share more on fund selection on this article. I mentioned about selecting local funds in Malaysia, while also recommended a fund for you to consider involving yourself … Continue reading How to Make Use Unit Trust Investment to Compound our Wealth: Equity Funds, Our Best Weapons (II)

Record Breaking Through 50,000 Views

Few days ago, Treasure Hunting Wizard web blog has exceeded 50,000 reader’s views for the first time. To be exact, the record figure turned into 50,619 views from 25,33 visitors spread across 119 countries in the whole world on May 4th, 2019. It has been quite a while that I didn’t pay attention to the … Continue reading Record Breaking Through 50,000 Views

What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

In order to meet the demand of fair trade from the US, National People’s Congress of China ended last Friday with a ceremonial endorsement of a law that addresses specific issues the foreign business community has long complained about, such as intellectual property protection. However, critics from the US said that such act was correctly … Continue reading What does it Mean a Fair-Trade Deal?

Expenses with Instalment Plan?

There was a period of time where retail businesses were popular in promoting instalment plan for electrical appliances and homewares. And this plan attracted hot sales among many businesses because it made purchases of large homeware items possible to many lower income families. Families were able to pay up large and luxurious household expenditures, such … Continue reading Expenses with Instalment Plan?

Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Incidentally, blog views for Treasure Hunting Wizard has already exceeded 30,000 milestone some time ago without knowing it. It has now registered a total hits of 33,316 as of today. The total number of readers came into contact with this blog was 15,488 people coming from 82 countries throughout the world.  I have done a … Continue reading Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Right Spending Will Make You a Better Person

Second week of August has been the biggest struggle I have ever entered in my whole life. I anticipated to consume the largest spending in my entire life. Not the sending of my son to start his university study in the US, but rather it is the trip I accompanied him there. Before coming to … Continue reading Right Spending Will Make You a Better Person