Is Investment Suitable for You?

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If you were being asked with the question, why do you involve with investment? I believe you will not have any doubt to reply; “to earn money!”

Earning money is the goal of all walk of trade. There are many ways to earn money in our society. But not all money-making business is suitable for everyone. Though all money-making business looks attractive. When people are successful, we are attracted to join them in their field of business. But have you realized that not all successful business suitable for everyone too?

There are many reasons, I would just pick one of the reasons for the discussion here in application to investment. Just as you ask anyone why they engage in a certain job; they will inevitably answer you because of money without a second thought.

The Process or the End Result

Have you realized that the process of earning money is more important of getting the money earned itself? Because the process takes more time then the end result. Just like someone taking an office work, the result of payment will only come one day at the end of the month. But you have to face the routine you are doing every day. If find yourself do not enjoy facing the nature of your work, that monthly payment doesn’t look attractive to you anymore. If you are happy with what you are doing in the process, the amount of payment, on the other hand, may not be that critical to you to engage the job.

Similarly, if you ask anyone why he involves with investment, every investor would answer of course is to earn profit. But have you realized in the same way; do you enjoy the process of investment?

Investment involves calculation, exploration, discoveries, risk and analysis. All these require accumulation of experiences and learning attitude. Investment is actually a form of trade. In any trade, the trader has to acquire skill. In investment, we do need skill in monitoring our portfolio. Study and observation about market behavior and economic development. This condition requires someone who possess mathematical and analytical inclination in order to find enjoyment. Just like doing a business, the person must know how to calculate money transaction for profit. Without such condition, he is destined to lose money, let alone to enjoy the business.

Natural Filtering

In the investment environment we are now having, many people have already lost their interest. I believe this is an excellent test to filter out those who do not fit for the investment business. If you are still here reading this article, it shows that you are very different. You are probably the precious few who can really profit from investment.

Because it takes patience and perseverance, through thick and thin. Those who can push through will make it. Those who quit halfway are the ones are not suitable for investment business. Those who are still here will reap the benefit of experience. When experience added up, it will turn into knowledge. With such accumulated knowledge of the market and its rule of the game, fear will be driven away. Think about how you feel when you first come into this investment and compare it now. Have you realized that you have grown? If you do, congratulation, you have gained the benefit of investment in the process. You are on the right track to the investment future.

Just because of the looming economic recession created by Trump’s politics, many has not been involved investing in any kind.  But just last week, all the major three US market indexes have created new heights. And the news analysis said recession might be delayed. Many bystanders might be beating their chest after learning such development. I think this is true, the delay may come many years ahead, not just months though. But somehow, I expect something unusual is coming on in the horizon, it’s going to be exciting. Maybe it will turn out outside we have expected, but it’s Ok, so long as we are learning something new. We are on our way to our future.

Happy learning! Have a good watch for next market move!

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The view and opinion expressed are personal views of the author and are subject to change based on market and other conditions.  This write up does not constitute sole advice for an investment decision. Investors are advised to do further reading and research to conclude individual decisions.

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