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Few days ago, Treasure Hunting Wizard web blog has exceeded 50,000 reader’s views for the first time. To be exact, the record figure turned into 50,619 views from 25,33 visitors spread across 119 countries in the whole world on May 4th, 2019.

It has been quite a while that I didn’t pay attention to the statistic of my blog ever since September 2, 2018 with a new breakthrough record of 30,000 views then. My blog writing experience with has now entered into new experience.

I would like to make a sincere evaluation and share honestly some of my struggles with up’s and down’s in this period between 30,000 to 50,000 reader’s views record journey in a way to express my appreciation to faithful readers such as you. It is you who click on my blog and share with others that made this blog survive and excel until this point. Thank you so much!

Chart A ~ Readership growth statistic chart over the years

Started with Full Zeal

After writing this blog for more than 2 years, I now confess to you that writing career is never an easy task. When I started this writing journey, it was purely sparkled by my own interest to share and help others based on ideas about financial management and mutual fund investment, I started with full of zeal and ideas. I thought this endeavor will never end.

Because my blog features uniquely with bilingual medium, it went quickly all over the world and reached with distance countries I didn’t even recognize where they are. Readers from country names such as Gilbrator, Bahrain, Vanuatu and others appeared in my readership records. It was quite a fun experience to begin with initially. And new reading views continue to grow until breaking through 10,000, 20,000, then 30,000. Until then there was still hope and energy to go on, with the hope that one day I will be able to break threshold where comments and interaction with readers will come in actively every time I release new blog article. 

Treasure Hunting Wizard web blog spread across countries around the whole world painted with pink colour.

However, after a long long while, this hope began to wane because it didn’t happen. All I saw weeks after weeks; months after months were only readers’ view statistic. By then my zeal began to fade and die down slowly. I thought to myself, what is the meaning and practicality of writing and keep on writing without knowing how much help my article has been imparting.

And there wasn’t any compensation such as advertisement avenue given to me neither. Because I was using free plan from All those ads you saw, and their revenues generated were actually channeled back to the website provider.   

Finally, I decided to give up writing all together. After that I saw my viewership began to drop slowly. Initially the blog has already built up a regular daily readership of at least 40 people, sometimes 60 or more. But it later dropped to 10 to 20 viewers per day gradually.

Resume Writing

Out of a sudden, I received an email from someone asking me why is it that I did not write new blog anymore? I answered her that I thought no one cares out there since no one was giving any feedback to the issue I was discussing.

By then she answered me that she was actually one of the silent readers who have been benefited a lot from my blog writing. She was actually looking forward to reading my new release every week. She then encouraged me to continue to write. I am very thankful to this reader who really took time to express her appreciation for my writing effort. So, I resumed to continue writing quietly. But the previous reader visitation level of minimum 40 could not return anymore since after then.

When I look back, the reason for the drop was partially caused by my breaking down of regular posting habit. It gave away some momentum of the reader’s inbound traffic. Besides, there are few other factors also involved. has eliminated google+ emailing function from its publishing linkage. Fundsupermart has also eliminated its community forum from its platform when they change into new interface recently. As a result, some of the inflow traffic link I built within that forum has been totally cut off. 

Advertising Experience    

There was another twist and turn happened to my blogging journey few months ago. I received an email from someone identified herself from e-toro asking me to have a chance of putting out adv from my blog. I gently replied her that I could not provide such services since the blog provider is not mine and also honestly revealed to her that my blog might not have enough of inbound traffic attracting good volume of advertisement avenue.   

However, when I further studied, I discovered that actually allows its writers to generate advertisement cooperatively if I turn from free plan to a paid plan. But then, there was a basic requirement of certain level of traffic volume in order to generate noticeable size of adv revenue. I wasn’t sure what threshold volume level was that. After no one gave me a satisfying answer from the wordpress forum, I took the risk to pay and changed into a new blogging plan. I thought part of the benefit is also that my readers will have a chance to read from a better layout and with the paid plan. I can also access to new features and functions as well as learning something new.

To my great disappointment, since the beginning of the new paid plan, there was no advertisement in my blog anymore. Because the traffic flow was too low, it does not qualify for adv contribution. While continue roughly for a month, I saw a few cents revenue coming in just few days ago, there’s still hope at least that, however, that my blog will grow until I can have a breakeven point with the amount I paid for the use of my blog writing. This may take years in order to see this from happening.   

By just looking at the past readership growth statistic, Chart A shows that though there was a little set back, the cumulative record growth pattern was still healthy and solid.  I hope there will be chances of miracle coming true one day, hopefully just months, not years.

Thank you once again for your kind support and help share this writing to keen friends.   

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The view and opinion expressed are personal views of the author and are subject to change based on market and other conditions.  This write up does not constitute sole advice for investment decision. Investors are advised to do further reading and research to conclude individual decision.

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