Health Preceding Wealth

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A few months ago, I was awakened by slight pain on my chest. I tried to ignore that sudden pain and fall back to sleep. Before I could drop back to sleep, I still sensed the slight pain again. I then immediately woke up, had a change of clothing and headed towards the emergency wad of General Hospital nearby. After hearing my complain, the doctors there took serious concern and conducted a series of ECG check up and blood test. 

Heart attack is the number one killer in Malaysia. I have seen quite several my friends and acquittances died of heart attack unexpectedly.  For example, one of them died out of sleep, the other one died while playing badminton. As a reason, no one should take heart disease lightly.

As you could probably still remember I wrote about my endangered health issue almost two years ago. From then I become very conscious and alert about health issue. I have been carefully taken care of my food intake and read about dietary publications. There are a few important health issues probably most people are still not aware until today.

Cholesterol and Heart Attack

Relating to heart attack, most doctors today are still addressing the cause of death to high level of cholesterol. Therefore, most doctor tends to prescribe drug such as statin to lower cholesterol level. Little did they know that there was no clinical proof that heart disease has any link to cholesterol.  

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Most medical practitioner could possibly unaware the lack of clinical proof to the link between Cholesterol and heart diseases.

I have a friend whose business dealing with medical field. He shared with me a similar view with my previous Osteopathic Physician that high cholesterol is nothing to be fearful. Incidentally, a few weeks ago, I meet someone who had done a research on cholesterol also concurred that taking statin drug to lower cholesterol is not necessary. In my recent reading adventure, I came across a book entitled “The Great Cholesterol Myth”. The reading of this book has enlightened my mind with great details and discoveries.

Not only taking statin to lower cholesterol is not necessary, statin drug has numerous side effects. These side effect possibilities could include brain cell damage causing memory lost, Alzheimer’s and others. It could also lower energy or sex drive, and in some cases even lead to mortality such as diabetes, cancer or even ironically heart attack.

Thank God that I have long given up taking statin as advised by my Osteopathic Physician. In fact, cholesterol is most needed for people in advance age for proper body function, especially for the brain. Cholesterols are mostly produced and regulated by our liver according to our body condition. By artificially lowering our cholesterol level, we deprave our body of important ingredients and necessities. Clinical studies have shown that people still die of heart diseases while lowering their cholesterol level, while others with high cholesterol could still live healthily.   

New Health Habit Building

Incidentally, someone brought some dried Moringa leaves to my house 2 weeks ago and suggested that I could easily make Moringa tea by just adding in hot water and drink like tea habitually. I have heard this Moringa tree for its miraculous healing properties quite some time ago. Such plant and its growth are very common in wild open space in my living areas, but its nutritional value is exclaimed for centuries. But I did not put into any action to apply to my health maintenance. Since now I learned that I could easily steep its leaves fresh from these Moringa tree, dry it up, and drink it habitually like tea, it has dawned on me like a new health discovery.

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Moringa trees are very common in my living area largely grown in the wild.

Before I make the commitment, I had a double check on the internet for its claim validity. Sure enough, there are a lot of information about its health value available on the internet. Those nutritional values mentioned include preventing heart diseases, high blood, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and many others. Moringa is caffeine-free yet energy boosting.

I thought this Moringa tea drinking is not only beneficial for its nutritional value but helpful for building a healthy water drinking habit. I knew about the importance of water to our bodies. But I did not know how to build a good habit of regular water intake on small amount basis.

I used to have an unhealthy water intake habit. I used to drink large amount only when I feel thirsty. But then I would have to go to toilet to pass out excessive water. This is the ironic part of drinking water struggle for me. I did not know how to drink water using small amount even when I do not feel thirsty. But now, since I have this Moringa tea, I can start to consume water like drinking hot tea little by little.  

Health precedes Everything

Let’s come back to the emergency wad medical checkup. I still do not know whether the result was good news or bad news. The doctor said she did not find anything wrong with my physical condition. This could be good news or bad news at the same time. For example, one of friends who died in his sleep as mentioned above, was also pronounced healthy before by medical practitioner even though he sensed irregular heartbeat occasionally.  

But for whatever it is, I left the hospital and started a new life cautiously, taking good care of my health ever since.  Shall anything happen to me, I absolutely have no regret whatsoever, because I have done my best in taking good care of myself, having regular exercise, eating healthy food, and living life to its fulness. I am sure if ever I shall meet God at the end of my days or untimely shall people called it, I shall hear Him say, “Good and faithful servant, …. enter into the joy of your master!”  

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The view and opinion expressed are personal views and learning of the author and are not recommendation for nutritional advice whatsoever. Whoever finds this article motivational or inspiration, he is encouraged to do further research into areas mentioned before any nutritional or health action being performed.

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