7 Wonders of Speed Reading

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One of the wonderful experiences of doing investment is the dealing with your own self. As long as we can control ourselves, we can benefit from market investment. This can be the best fulfillment in life. Because our success does not depend on other people’s responses or cooperation like doing a sale business. However, I have discovered another even better fulfilling activity recently. It’s speed reading!

Successful people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mohamad Mahathir and others are all extensive readers. I knew all about the importance of extensive reading but I have never not pushed myself beyond an ordinary reader. But something triggered me last month (I will share more detail on appropriate time in the future) and I began to venture into learning how to do speed reading. Ever since then I was able to cover 2 books weekly by spending 2 hours’ reading commitment on a daily basis.      

Surprisingly, I came to have wonderful discoveries about the benefits of speed reading. Here are a few of them;

1. Increased Knowledge, Revitalized Memories

Everyone knows reading can increase knowledge efficiently. There are enormous subjects and information available on published books, but not many people can take hold of this advantage, including me. Until lately when I realized I can train myself for speed reading, I have discovered I can have a share of this wonderful resource for personal growth.

I used to read books that are attracted to my needs and interests. I have never trained myself to go beyond my comfort zone. However, because of speed reading training, I have to venture into reading books that are completely beyond my interest and familiarity.

Amazingly, I realize that I could comprehend those issues and topics like ancient European poetry and literature or old English philosophical essays I didn’t care about even though I read very fast after some training sessions. And there I discovered I have started to enlarge my reading interests and infiltrated into the uncharted waters like starting a new life adventure.  In short, the world of knowledge before me has become vivid and alive. Any subject of reading material has become possible for me to devour. What a new wonderful discovery I have come into contact.

I have discovered this wonderful experience only out of speed reading. For normal readers, it will take time and effort to read. No one will spend time and effort to read something out of your interest and comfort zone.

2. Future Holds More Expectancy

As we all know all enduring successful and influential people have extensive reading habit. If we desire to be an influential or successful person one day, extensive reading is unavoidable. I have been all the while admire people who can have extensive reading habit. But now I realize I can attain such admirable habit myself. There will be an enormous potential I can grow to be when I continue this extensive reading habit. As a result, my life has become awaken and zealous for a better future.

Every night when I consume the whole day, I can expect another 2 hours’ entitlement for fast reading again the next day. So I go to sleep every night with excited expectancy for the next day of fast reading training with this new adventure.

3. New Interest Developed

After I took on this new fast reading journey, I have discovered reading can be interesting and enjoyable. Every day can be a new exciting journey when I wake up. I lone for the two hours committed for fast reading. No matter how busy the days are, I will always try my best to squeeze in that 2 hours fast reading training. Because it is very exciting and enjoyable. Reading has become my new hobby.

4. Thought Ability Becomes Sharper

When my age catches up, I discovered that my memory is becoming retarded or slowing down. But through these few weeks of training, my thought ability has become revitalized.  I have discovered my thought ability becomes sharper and faster. Because of extensive reading, my mind is readily picked up any topic for disclosure or sharing. My self-confident has also been enhanced greatly.

5. Daily Lives More Fulfilled, Increase Sense of Accomplishment

Because of fast reading, I can finish reading a book in few days, I have a good sense of fulfillment as if I have accomplished a project. This experience is less realized in the past where I finish reading a book of my interest in a month or so. Two books in a week comparatively is an obvious contrast. Furthermore, books that I finished reading content subjects out of my previously known territory. In other words, I have expanded my knowledge beyond my horizon. You can imagine how good the feeling of accomplishment added into my mental capacity.

6. Times are Spent Wisely

My character welcomes challenges. I would love to take challenge of any good causes. In the past I could find myself having a lot of leisure doing lesser important thing in daily lives. But now since I have to slot in two hours’ commitment daily for fast reading practice, my daily living becomes busy but meaningful.

This is even so during recent holiday trips. I brought my books along and I found myself enjoying reading whenever I can slot in my two hours reading commitment with my hand phone stop watch. One of my recent trips, I drove for 7 hours long distance trip back to my home town, but still I was able to find that 2 hours for reading before I go to bed. In other words, my time was spent meaningfully and abundantly.   

7. Becoming More Youthful

There is Chinese slogan saying that we can continue learning even if we grow old. There’s never too late to learn anything new.  When my mind become more fluid and alive, I feel myself has regenerated youthfulness.

Speed reading can rejuvenate your youthfulness

One of the activated factors for youthfulness is hope. Young people’s zeal for life is more vibrant than older people. It is because they have a subconscious hope for infinite or potential future.

Whenever young people fail in certain endeavor, they can back up again very fast. Because they feel they have hope to try again some more. I now find myself rejuvenated my youthfulness in the way that my subconscious mind tells me that I can outgrow myself into any endeavor beyond my current imagination, including the possibility of obtaining a Ph. D. degree one day. I believe this is one of the greatest benefits I have since I ventured into this fast reading training.

Currently, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of the specific technique of fast reading as yet. This is just the beginning. There are still ways to go before I really become an extensive fast reader.  But I have started it and fore tasted a part of the wonders of it. I believe there will be more discovery waiting for me out there.  I have determined to continue this exciting adventure for the rest of my life. With current reading practice, if I can cover 2 books per week, I would be able to read more than 100 books in a year of various topics. That would be something very exciting, isn’t it!

Start Your Own Discovery

I would encourage everyone among my readers to do the same, if you have not done so, to discover the wonders of speed reading habit. You may first go online free test website to have your reading speed tested in order to find out your current reading efficiency.  (Before I started speed reading practice, I scored 198 wps for reading speed and 68% for comprehension level, just an ordinary readership level. You probably could do better than that.)

And go next to read those speed reading training skills available either on YouTube or reading material online. They are all free and easy, readily available for all. Practice those techniques and experience for yourself the wonders of speed reading. I have just tried one of those suggestions and it worked out perfectly well for me. For investors, I deeply believe this ability will greatly enhance your investment endeavor as well.

May God bless you as you venture into this exciting journey of new discovery.

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