Broken Through 30,000 Blog Views

Breakthrough 30 KIncidentally, blog views for Treasure Hunting Wizard has already exceeded 30,000 milestone some time ago without knowing it. It has now registered a total hits of 33,316 as of today. The total number of readers came into contact with this blog was 15,488 people coming from 82 countries throughout the world.  I have done a brief review and a number of interesting facts and data has surfaced. It is a wonderful time to share our joy as this blog belongs to everyone who has a part to make it a success.

Exponential Growth Phenomenal

Little did I know, not only investment has compounding effect, blog developmental growth can have its compounding effect too! This blog has come into existence merely 18 months. But it is very interesting to note that the accumulated readership growth (or views) this year for 8 months, has exceeded 10 months readership in previous year (see table A).

Readership Record
( Table A) Total number of view and visitor growth this year as compare previous year.

If this trend persists, we shall be able to breakthrough 40,000 views by the end of November 2018. This is all because readers like you has helped to share to other links or readers. Thank you so much!

The highest number of reader (26,929 views) still come from Malaysia, my own country, while the second highest (2,426 views) is Singaporeans, people that share similar investment concern and interest with Malaysia and thirdly, it is the United States (1,200 views), the country where, or the blog provider is based.  The number of readers from many other countries has also increased respectively and significantly (see Table C).

Top Viewers from the World
(Table C) Top readers from all over the world
List of Top View Articles
(Table B) List of Best Viewed Articles

Best Viewed Articles

Another most interesting observations is about the best viewed among 176 articles released so far (see table B).  We shall pass by this 6,624 views registered for Homepage/Achieve. Because I do not really know what is this category.  (I have seen this category being listed as the best views on my daily readership record data, but I could not locate the source of it. If any senior blogger out there reading this blog, please help explain to me what is this all about? Thanks!)  

The top 2 articles being read the most are actually one topic written in 2 languages. It is about a comment about one of the most famous funds in Malaysia, Kenanga Growth Fund. The English article has attracted 2,223 views while the Chinese has shared with 1,602. Because of its highest attention our readers have come into contact with this blog, I have written a follow article to update  my concern in What’s Wrong with Kenanga Growth Fund  published in July 14th 2018.

Secondly, the next highest concern among all readers are from Chinese readers who are asking whether unit trust is a right investment instrument. Both articles,  namely 信托基金:比股票更好的投资选择  with 1,458 views (English version: Unit Trust: A Better Investment Choice than Stock attracted only 184 views)and 透过 Fundsupermart 投资的 7 项策略性原因 attracted 1,161 views (English version: 7 Strategic Reasons Why Investing through Fundsupermart Unit Trust is a Better Choice gathered only 221 views) dealt with the basic question on investment vehicle.  The first one convinces readers to choose unit trust as the best type of investment vehicle, while the second one recommended Fundsupermart as a unique platform to do unit trust investment.

It shows that the Chinese community has a lot of need to know more about personal investment. I am very thankful that the online investment course this blog carried has served rightly into this need. And I have seen a steady flow from Chinese readers to register for the online course.

Reader from All over the World
Readers from all over the world have increased respectively and significantly.

Forward Looking

This milestone is only a small part of the puzzle where the mission of this blog is going. There’s nothing boastful and contented about. I have seen much more successful blogs out there with millions of view over a few years of blogging. This is only one small step of the greater objectives in the future where this blog is intended to achieve. As what the home page has written in Treasure Hunters where it says “The purpose of this site is to gather people with common interest in financial management and investment planning, so that we can learn together, grow together. The aspiration here is to help people to get the highest level of life achievement ~ financial freedom. So that we no longer have to worry about monthly income, but even enjoy the ability to give to others.”  Lets’ continue to work together to serve our global community with our common purpose.

Thank you so much for everyone who has made this journey a forward moving possible.


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