Does Age Matter in Investment?

Age MattersRecently I met a young man in a jogging park. He first asked me whether I recognized him as he was one of my students attended my financial class many years ago. He was so excited to let me know that he was doing very well in his financial dealing though forex trading. He was able to grow his capital from RM 500 to RM 180,000 in 4 years. But he lost it all in a few trading sessions and he is now starting all over again. He claimed he has learned his lesson and won’t repeat it again.

He was so excited in his discovered way of trading, he wanted to invite me to join him without asking how I was doing. Initially I was reluctant. But he was very persistent. Then we entered into deeper conversation in order to understand how he did it.

Heavy Leveraging Trading

Not long after talking deeper, I found out his potential pitfall and danger ahead if he keeps on trading the way he does.  He is actually on heavy leveraging. No wonder he was able to rise fast but fall fast at the same period of time.  So I turned from learning his trading strategy to become advising him of his adverse trading technique. But he didn’t want to listen. Eventually I gave up advising him all together, least I will be like an old man preventing a young man pursuing a wonderful dream for his future.

I can understand why he won’t listen. It’s all come to the basis of being young and having a “falsified” self-confidence.  Falsified self-confidence is the term I coined as the confidence of someone deceitfully derived from temporary successful experience. He should be given a chance to learn to discern the right from the wrong by nobody but himself.

Being young in investment is like having an edge over old people like me.  Young people can try different ways in investment or financial trading. Though they may fail in many times but can still rise successfully some time later if he doesn’t give up easily.  The capital he fails may not be as large as someone who have spent his life time working and saving up until his old age.  Young people is also having an edge over old people is that they still have a longer lifespan to achieve financial freedom one day in their future.

Young Brad Investor

My son who was just 19 finishing his online financial course recently is the youngest student among all my online and off line financial students. He was so excited that he has changed into a total different young man now.  I am no longer worry to pass him the monetary farewell gifts we received from our friends into his hands. Because he will put them all into his investment account without the need of our advice anymore.

He recently said to me he is no longer envious for those who work to become rich. Because when they stop working, their financial income stops. Only those who know how to make money work for them are the ones having a superior goal in life. And he also said to me that he finally realized the ultimate goal of investment is not to becoming rich but achieving financial freedom. I am so glad that the online financial course has done its part to impart what I couldn’t do many years in his past.

But yet I have anticipated another side of it. He might be young and enthusiastic, but may be ambitious and overzealous too. He may experience losses and failures in the process because of greed and impulsive. But who am I to stand in the way to prevent him from learning all these experiences. We all learned from our past failures and struggles too. But one thing I can be assured is this; though he may loss in his investment, but the losses surely won’t be as large as ours as old folks. I might as well take my hands off and let him learned his way.

Advantages of Advanced in Age

Thinking of matured folks like me, it is actually not having disadvantage of any kind as well.  Normally with our life long saving, some of us do even have life insurance maturity claims, retirement claims, or even some inheritance past down to us etc, we have a larger capital to start with. Though we might have started our investment journey late in life, but we can enjoy a much larger compounding effect if we learned how to do it right.

Our advanced age and experiences would have blessed us with stable emotions and much tamed inner desire conditions.  Capital protection is a much easier task for people in advanced age if we have a matured person hood supposedly.

Surely age does matter a lot when it comes to investment. But it is not in terms of advantages or disadvantages. It is in fact fair for all. Young people have a longer life span to learn and achieve financial freedom, and their chances to get there is much more assured. While older people have a larger capital to experience financial freedom sooner. But it all comes down to a heart of learning, a persistent desire to grow your capital and the determination to achieve financial freedom. Without such conditions, no matter what age you are in, you are not moving towards the best purpose of life goal.

When I was young, I worried what would happen if I grow old. Though I am not that old now, but I have passed my middle age and now getting ready to join senior citizenship in few short years ahead. But I am glad for my current age. I am very satisfied with the wonderful life experiences and the accumulated learning lessons I have had especially in the area of investment. I believe I will be able to achieve financial freedom if I am given a chance on next financial cycle which is going to come very soon. If I were given a chance to get back to young age, I would not hesitate to choose to remain at where I am now.

The most important point is to learn as much as you can regardless whether you are young or matured age. If you have enthusiasm and passion, age is only a number as inspired by our present Prime Minister.  This is particularly true in the area and practice of  financial investment.

Thank you for reading this article, may you find happiness in investing but invest safely!


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