New Record Breakthrough of 20,000 Views

20000 recordSince the starting of this Treasure Hunting Wizard web blog, a significant breakthrough record of 20,000 views has just been registered on the month of March, 2018. Entire time duration taken was only one year and one month. It has now reached 20,964 views as of today, 30th March 2018. The largest readership comes from Malaysia (17,226). And the rest come from Singapore (1,395), US (887), Hong Kong (170) and the rest of top 10 countries are listed in table A.Top 10 Countries

Due to this blog is written in both English and Chinese, readers from 69 countries around the world have been benefited. There are around 30-40 visitors come in to read this web blog on a daily basis. Total articles posted until today is 132 posts (excluding these 2 articles).

Going Beyond Writing Experiences

This blogging experience has recently gone beyond writing unit trust or mutual fund investing articles, but created an online financial training course for the Chinese readers. This online financial training course has benefited 20 readers already. Out of these trainees, 13 of them has graduated successfully. They have been added into the WhatsApp Platinum Group and actively investing on their own now.

I have learned and progressed so much about writing in the past entire year. This blogging experience has become the most fulfilling and innovative life experience in my entire life ever since.  Investing has added more excitement when I came to realize that I can help fellow investors, especially the new ones. The greatest reward and joy to me is the ability to interact and communicate with my fellow investors in the WhatsApp Platinum Group.

69 countries
Readers come from 69 countries around the world

In the blog post itself, I have yet to see enough readers responding to the content of my writing. I admire other veteran bloggers who readily have readers responding to their posts wherever new releases are being posted. Maybe it will come in days after gathering enough followers or readers who are more responsive in nature.

Concern for Reading Past Articles

I have some concern for new readers coming in to read my past articles, especially for those that has timing factors, like fund recommendations, market analyses, investment suggestions etc. If any readers who have been faithfully reading all my releases will feel that sometimes there are contradicting views within some of my new posts with those older posts.

The main reason is that my views about the market changes according to market development. Market just changes without any prior warning or clue. There are always new market developments which are constantly and unexpectedly popped up when time passes on. Therefore my views have to be updated according to these new developments when they are unfolding themselves. Therefore, often times, the latest post is the only one that is most relevant at the time when it is released.

After a certain period of time, reading them becomes obsolete. It is just like reading an old newspaper which will make you laugh sometimes. I hope readers will be able to discern the date of the post every time you read them. Please do not hassling follow those suggestions if you happen to read it too late after the posting date. I hope I can release myself from now on of those worry whenever I see new readers coming in to read my past posts.

If you ask me “how late is too late?” Well, it is hard to answer sufficiently. It’s all depends on the nature of the topic. The best approach is to write in to me personally and ask my opinion if it concerns your immediate investment approach just like some readers did. As you have noticed, I do not write the “disclaimer” in every post I made anymore, because I feel this disclaimer is a little bit downplaying for the readers’ maturity.

For fund recommendation, there will always be issue of timing as well.  Good funds were considered good at the time of the writing. After a while, there may be some policy changes in the fund house, market changes etc., and these good funds would no longer be considered good funds in my personally opinion and recommendation. Therefore, readers are strongly advised to seek my updated view regarding what I have suggested in the past before any action or move you are going to make. Sooner or later, you will discover that my approach investing in mutual fund or unit trust is very unique as you compare to professional approaches. So as those recommendations are also unique in my own opinion and recommendation.

Thank you so much for your past supports, especially for those that have helped share my post to other fellow investors. I hope more discussion and post views from readers will be able to generate on my next milestone.

May God bless you for your investment experience in 2018.



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