Exceeding 10,000 Blog Views for the First Time Ever

10 K ViewsTreasure Hunting Wizard blog has amazingly exceeded 10,000 views today (to be exact 10,018 now) for the first time ever since its inception from February 28th, 2017. It has served more than 4,210 readers from over 40 different countries in the whole world. It was merely 8 months’ time, which is less than a year.

The largest reader group comes from Malaysians (8,425 views), second group from Singaporeans (754 views) and United States (with 306 views) comes as the third.

Worldwide Readers
Readers from all over the world ~ internet as global village

The most interesting thing about readership is that there are readers come from countries I don’t even known where they are unless I search with google map.  These countries are such as Botswana ( 8 views), Algeria (7 views), Gabon (3 views), Belize (1 view), Gibralter (1 view), and Estonia (1 view). The internet idea is really a global village where we can link with anyone in anywhere.

Birthing History

It was all inspired by a class of student attended unit trust training. It was first thought of helping them throughout their investment course right after their training class by using WhatsApp group.  Then an idea of starting to write up some more ideas to help them keeping update about current events.  Later on, I have observed and discovered that there wasn’t any blog out there concentrated on investment through unit trust alone. All investment blog talked about stocks, forex, binary options and others.  And probably those followers might have been experiencing bruises and wounds in the process of trying their investment attempts. Unit trust investment through a special platform called Fundsupermart is actually a wonderful platform whereby investors can learn what truly investment is all about.  Earning is much easier with unit trust only if you know how to manage it. Eventually Treasure Hunting Wizard was directed to focus on unit trust investment alone.

Indeed throughout the process, this blog was helped by post modern IT groups such as WhatsApp groups, especially from my old high school classmate groups who were dispersed in various corners of the world. After introducing to those groups, visitors from all over the world started to click into my blog. I was so encouraged even inspired to write even more and make up my decision to write at least once per week. That’s why I have to thank those who have clicked into my blog and even subscribed to be regular readers.

Channel of Communication and Contribution Expanded

Throughout the course of communication, I have also discovered that there are 5 different medium being used to dispatch different types of news/info pieces. It was formally aligned together and announced on August 10th, 2017.

From those different communication medium, there came someone consulting me about unit trust investment through emailing.  I sensed there was a need for the person to go through a formal financial education. There I did a simple editing of my previous seminar and email to him. Through several lessons, I found him very keen and responded positively. From there, I decided to open up such opportunity to the public. Then the online financial training course in Chinese was formally announced on September 24th 2017. Currently there are 7 students actively participating the lessons. I am very glad that I can contribute to help people to start or enhance their investment experience.

Inflow Traffic Improvement

In terms of blog traffic improvement, Treasure Hunting Wizard blog began with WhatsApp groups, and moved on to exploring other people discussion forum, community blogs or groups and others. It is now the highest daily inflow readers come in from search engine. That means our blog articles are now very google searchable. (I sometimes even found myself surprised to find my own article while I search the website to study certain topics … 😀 )

Water Supply
There won’t be any lack of water supply

In this way, the inflow of daily readers can be spontaneous without worry of the inflow of readership dried up.

It is like tapping into the “right water” pipe already. There is no worry of the lack of “water supply” from now on.  Thank God for that level of experience.

Future Improvement

Looking forward, there are still a lot more to learn and to improve. Firstly, I am still not happy in the area of public interaction. For a writer, the most rewarding experience comes from interaction with readers or the public.  Currently, there are very few comments drop in. Most readers read quite a lot from my blogs, the average readership is around 2-3 views per visit. That means all of them read more than their first found page. They normally surge and navigate around some other articles. But they left without any footage or comment.

I admire those bloggers who have immediate comment responded from readers right after they post their blog a day after. But these bloggers are normally veteran bloggers who have been blogging around 8-10 years and their subscribers are probably in huge size. Their page views are more than 100 K to a few millions in total.  In this regard, I still have a long way to go.

Nevertheless, I would sincerely like to give thanks to those who have helped this blog a success. Your dropping by to read, comment, click “like”, redirect the link away, apply online lessons, and others have been a great motivation for me to continue this blogging activities. I hope you can even drop your comment to help me improve further if you have found any constructive ideas or inspiration. A big thank you and may God bless you all richly and abundantly!



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