Rectifying Misleading Information about Unit Trust Investment

True or False

While unit trust investment is an easy starter for investor,  there are many misleading information or concept about unit trust investment which prevented involvement. In this article, I shall expose and clarify each of them. Due to each subject required some space to explain, each issue will be discussed in separate page. Please choose your concern issue and click on its link for navigation.

Misleading Information 1 ~Unit trust investment is safe, you will not easily lose money because highly trained professionals are employed to manage your fund.

Misleading Information 2 ~There are hidden costs in Unit Trust investment, like annual management fee,audit fees, annual expense ratio, aside from sale charges. You got to think twice before you use unit trust as investing instrument. It is more costly than you know.

Misleading Information 3~  Dividend paying unit trust funds are good funds, that’s why they worth our investment priorities.

Misleading Information 4Profit Return of Unit trust Investment is poorer than Fixed Deposit in the Bank.

Misleading Information 5~ Regular Saving Plan or Dollar Cost Averaging plan is a very safe investment plan. You will never lose money if you use this plan.

Misleading Information 6Listen to expert’s advice should help higher return. They know better than me, therefore they can’t be wrong too far since they are specialized in investment knowledge.

Misleading Information 7 ~ Only choose fund based on past performances. Invest with fund from high Star rating or recommendations will increase your profit chances.

Misleading Information 8 ~ Whenever a Fund declare fund closure are good performing fund. Since it is not able to place anymore new investment, it is better for those who have already invested to stay with the fund than exit the fund.


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