Treasure Hunters   ~ 5 Investment Communication Channels

5 channels

After half a year, Treasure Hunters gradually formed five kinds of communication channels. Due to the differences in each function, content of communication has become different as well. Within each of the five channels of communication, some issues will be repeated, some are unique releases by themselves.

In order to avoid missing any information or update, make sure you subscribe at least 4 of the following channels.

Generally, Channel 1 – 4 is for the general public. Channel 5 is only for those who have gone through course training. In order to be able to share freely more in-depth investment strategy, ideas or specific concept, only those who have received training can be included in this group. The 8 training lessons can be done through online self-study, if you are interested, please contact for arrangement (Note: currently only Chinese lessons are available, if you prefer to have it in English, you may request as well. So that your name will be kept in the waiting list.)

Channel 1. Treasure Hunting Wizard Blog ~ Complete writing up on investment strategy, concept and methods. And sometimes introducing good funds to consider investment.  About 1-2 articles will be released weekly.   (Https://

Channel 2. Facebook:  Investment Interest Group ~  provide linkages to related news, short articles, analysis reports or investment reviews, notice of blogs newly published etc. (Investment Interest Group

Channel 3. Twitter (Twitter) ~ timely text broadcast, news broadcast (User Name: Asrielctv

Channel 4. WhatsApp ~ general investment issues (Investment Interest Group  016-5099063)

Channel 5. Platinum Group ~ more in-depth discussion on investment strategies. Members of this group have received training courses. Those who have taken 8 lessons training course are automatically included in this group. Currently there is online self-study lessons available. Interested investor may write in (email or messenger) to arrange for lessons (currently only available in Chinese).

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