You Could Have Earned 43.5% Profit by Now!


Half of the year 2017 is already over now.  Many people will feel despair that time really flies! Yes, time flies for everyone.  But not everyone feels despair and helpless. Some will have a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. These are the people who know how to reproduce life. Life grows over time. It becomes mature  and reproduces  next cycle of ongoing lives.

Every household in Malaysia that has planted fruit tree will know that it is the season to harvest fruits now. Whoever has planted will have a harvest, whoever did not grow any fruit tree, will not have any harvest.  Do you know that your money has the quality of life if you treat it properly? If you have planted (invested) at the beginning of this year, you will now see the harvest of its “fruits”, you could have the possibility of harvesting 43.5% profit now! What does it mean?

China and India
China and India Markets have been performing beautifully

On 13 March 2017, I wrote an article entitled Rare Bullish Outlook for 2017. In that article I have recommended investing into China and India markets. If you have followed that recommendation and invested into RHB Big Cap China Enterprise Fund, you would be very happy by now.  That fund has run up 18.13% after 5 months (from that time until latest date).  This run up profit can be translated into an annual profit rate of 43.5% when you want to compare to FD annual interest rate of 3.2%.

On the same day, if you invested into Manulife India Equity Fund, it has also run up a profit of 15.83% until now.  This is equivalent to 38% annual rate of return.

Emerging markets
Emerging markets are also very promising

Emerging market was also mentioned in that article, if you have invested into Global Emerging Market Opportunity, you would have also enjoyed a run up profit of 16.77% after these 5 months. This profit can also be converted into 40.25% annual rate of return.

What do you feel after looking at these profit figures? The good news is .. it will be expected that the world economy will continue to rise for awhile until the end of this year. It is not too late to join in as of now. However, I believe it would be late by the end of the year if we still procrastinate further.

If you want, just search the net, google it for “Fundsupermart Malaysia” and open a new account with them. Instructions on how to invest is rather simple and easy. If you encounter any question on investment strategy, please feel free to contact me via email or messenger. I will be happy to help for free. It’s a free time hobby to me anyway.

I am also glad that there are new people that I know off have also started joining in Fundsupermart after a few weeks now. And they are very happy that they did. What are you waiting for….?


Disclaimer: The author expresses his view based on his own learning experience for reference only. Readers are advised to use individual assessment to do investment. He is only an independent investor who does not have any official business affiliation with any brokerage firm, including Fundsupermart.


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